“Philosophy of Liberty” Flash Animation Adopted by Libertarianz

     The “Philosophy of Liberty” flash animation which was derived from the epilogue to Ken Schoolland’s The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible – and executed as a computer animation by Kerry Pearson, of British Columbia, Canada – has been an amazing success. It’s the #1 feature visited on the ISIL website and the responses we’ve received have been nothing less than ecstatic. Even more interesting is the fact that the kudos are pouring in from folks from across the political spectrum.

     Here are some typical remarks. “How did you discover these ideas?” “This is almost a religious experience,” etc. It is now featured on dozens of libertarian website home pages around the world and the DVDs have been played at fairs and conventions.

     The latest news is that our friends at New Zealand’s Libertarianz contacted ISIL and ISIL Director Ken Schoolland back in January requesting permission to produce a condensed movie edition of the flash in their country in order to promote libertarian ideas – and Libertarianz, New Zealand’s libertarian party, in the upcoming elections.

     Terry Verhoeven, coordinator for the project (renamed “An Introduction To Liberty”), informed us that 32 Kiwis who were passionate about individual liberty, had pledged $25,000 to help launch the promotion which involved showings of the 2-minute movie in 7 cinemas up and down the country.

     With additional funding they hope to expand the number of cinemas where the animation is to be viewed.

     In a public statement Verhoeven announced:

“Thousands of movie-goers around the country will be treated to an enjoyable two-minute animation titled ‘An Introduction to Liberty’ – a thought-provoking message highlighting that no government has the right to enslave or to steal from its citizens. The message is one that holds true regardless of the imaginative labels used by governments to justify their behaviour, or the numbers of people encouraging it.”

For more information check out the Libertarianz website

Note: You may have heard that late last year Kerry Pearson, the creator of the flash animation, sadly passed away from complications with diabetes.

Kerry’s programming files for the flash, which were needed for creating editions in other languages, were unfortunately lost. As a result, versions of the animation in Russian, Bulgarian, and half a dozen other languages have been put on the back burner.

     Happily, we have been able to reverse-engineer the programming – thanks to the expert help of Mario Knezovic.

     Thanks Mario! We are looking forward to seeing many new editions in future months.

To view the full 10 minute animation click here

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