The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible Published in Urdu

Dr. Khalil Ahmad, ISIL’s Rep for Pakistan, has just published the highly-acclaimed fable, The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free-Market Odyssey in Urdu, the language of Pakistan and many countries in south Asia. This is the 30th language in which this amazing book has been published. Details on the Urdu edition follow:
The title of the book in Urdu means this: “The Story of a Peoples Welfare Republic – as narrated by Jonathan Gullible”.
The photograph was originally printed in a prestigious English daily of Pakistan and I bought it from the photographer. The photo is that of a busy road with potholes and cracks on it – like most of the roads in Pakistan.
The man standing on the road with a tool in his hands is a self-employed person who has chosen for himself a job which is normally considered a duty of the government, i.e. repairing the roads. All of the roads in Pakistan are built, owned and maintained by the government. The sign fixed on the road is meant for the users of the road.
It reads: “Hello, this is a request to all of the drivers using this road that I am a servant of yours – not of the government. To relieve you of the troubles I fill up the holes and repair the cracks of the road. You please take care of me and help me. My family will pray for you!”
Khalil Ahmad
President, Alternate Solutions Institute
Lahore, Pakistan
[email protected]

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