The late ISIL director Bruce Evoy established the Marshall Bruce Evoy Memorial Award to honor ISIL members who had done special work to advance liberty despite substantial personal sacrifice and/or in difficult circumstances.

This year’s Evoy Award, presented at the banquet in Lausanne, went to Kozeta Cuadari-Cika, ISIL Rep for Albania, one of the poorest and politically volatile countries in Europe.
Kozeta began her libertarian activities around 1997, just after an economic crisis and civil war in Albania,working for an economics thinktank led by Zef Preci.  She has helped the Liberal Club and the European Libertarian University in Tirana, and has translated and published two editions of Ken Schoolland’s The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free-Market Odyssey and also published an Albanian version of Ayn Rand’s Anthem. Kozeta plans to submit a formal bid to host an ISIL international conference in Tirana.


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