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October 12th, 2013 in Austin, TX
An all star lineup of dynamic presentations…
Learning, the path to achieving liberty, prosperity, and joyfulness, in our lifetime.

Our speakers have been carefully chosen to offer a unique perspective to the meaning of education, and to explore how the love of learning may truly set us free. While other conferences give you tools to teach your children what they “need” to know, our conference focuses on the critical thinking skills needed to distinguish propaganda from useful—and truthful—insights.

Home schooling can be more than just an education. Unlike “regular” schools, home schooling provides an ideal environment where students can be encouraged to reason things out for themselves, to become fully immersed in their interests, and to create an adventurous life that follows a ‘curriculum’ of real experiences. We understand that home schooling isn’t for everyone. A couple of our presenters have started their own academies and have the insight to help you explore other options.

Without the ability to think critically, children and adults can easily be duped, cheated, and robbed. Government-run schools—and even some private ones—do not teach our children to question or reason; instead, they demand acceptance of the viewpoint presented. Instead of learning to think independently and evaluate what they hear, our youngsters are taught to be subservient and accepting of whatever “authorities” tell them. This orientation makes the next generation more susceptible to propaganda and manipulation by those who would control them, including the political elites and special interests.

Physical control of a population by a government or a minority is virtually impossible without some level of consent from the people. If our children are taught to defer to “authorities” rather than their own internal compasses, propaganda can more readily get them to act in ways that they normally would find repugnant or immoral.

Freedom, prosperity, and joyfulness are available to us only to the extent that we are willing to explore, question, and examine the principles we live by. People who cannot or will not work things through for themselves invariably become controlled or enslaved, overtly or covertly. They forfeit their freedom and its blessings without ever knowing how they were lost.

All of our conference speakers understand these ideas. Each will present you with an aspect of self-determination that can be incorporated into your home environment to empower your children and yourselves to create a better future.

Enjoy a full day of presentations, resources, and like-minded people that love liberty. A healthy breakfast and lunch will be provided.

We suggest ages 13 and up. This conference is primarily for adults.

Parents for Liberty

Parents For Liberty is a community of individuals and families who are committed to fully immersing themselves and their families into the principles of liberty, nonviolence, self-ownership, creativity, and entrepreneurship. The goal is joyfulness and creating the life you want without waiting on anything outside of yourself.

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