TEAM, our partner in Ethiopia very pleased to share with you our new project and fundraising efforts aimed at organizing the first ever Entrepreneurial Liberty English Camp to bring 35 Ethiopian university students and recent graduates from December 15-21, 2013 near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This is a joint venture of the Teachings of Entrepreneurship on Antipoverty Movement (TEAM) and Language of Liberty Institute (LLI) in the US, with the valuable support of Atlas Network. Our program will combine lectures, workshops, videos, as well as student debates and presentations, helping students acquire important tools to protect their own freedoms and to communicate the ideas of liberty more effectively with their friends and neighbors.
Since January 2013, we have made huge advances in spreading the ideas, principles, and moral foundations of liberty. This August we hosted Dr. Tom Palmer, Atlas Network’s Executive Vice President for International Programs and a Senior Fellow at Cato Institute. Dr. Palmer inspired, trained, and encouraged students about the potential and power of economic freedom for authentic human flourishing and solidarity.
Since students will not be able to pay any of the tuition on their own, they will need scholarships to achieve their dream of dignity through entrepreneurship. As a group of weary souls, whose eyes focused upward with a sense of hope, of possibility, our initiative is part of the ongoing work of friends of liberty and freedom fighters to recommit and make ever more real and ever more inclusive those same ideals of choice and opportunity. And so we continue to strive with the help of so many of you. We are grateful for your donation at any level.
We are only able to carry on our work because of the backing and support of freedom champions such as you. We will not let up in this fight against statism and your incredible generosity in supporting us is what keeps us going.
We cannot thank you enough for all your support to keep liberty alive
In the Spirit of liberty and peace,
Kidus G.Mehalu
TEAM, Founder and Executive Director ( ) ( Twitter: @teaminitiatives
Students for Liberty, Regional Leader and Mentor for Charter Teams program (
Ph:+251 924 558212
PoBox:121 code 1048
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
TEAM is a member of Economic Freedom Network ( ) and the official Co-Publisher of Economic Freedom of the World Project in Ethiopia.

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