The musical production of JG for young audiences in Kazakhstan is progressing nicely. This will be accomplished in Russian, Kazakh, and English. From the formal announcement seeking support: “The Kazakh composer¬†Lyudmila¬†Melnikova is writing a musical for children and youth about freedom and justice, inspired by the fairy tale of –öen Schoolland’s book,¬†‘The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible.’ While the work so far has been without cost, money is essential to record the music in a production studio. We ask you to render partial financial assistance as you think fit and possible. The necessary amount is US$1000 in total. Fragments of music are now available for impressions. Libretto and lyrics for some character songs have also been created. We hope for your understanding and support.”


Writes Lyumila, “I have written the music to the fairy-tale, I only need to record it in studio. Now I prepare staging of fairy tale’s chapter of ‘Turtle and Rabbit’ in puppet theater for children. I appreciate your desire of financial assistance in studio. It’s really nice to meet you. I send you one more part of blues ‘I want to prohibit the sun’ from the chapter ‘Candles and Coats’.”
“Today, at Kazakhstan TV will be first night of your fairy-tail ‘Rabbit and Tortoise’ in children’s program “Spoki noki”. I send you its fragment in the Russian language. Authors of fairy tale are mentioned in a full version of program, in the beginning and the end, in theaters. I will prepare this fairy-tail in English soon and send you this full version.¬†Aloha Lyudmila.”¬†1. –°–ļ–į–∑–ļ–į –ö—Ä–ĺ–Ľ–ł–ļ –ł –ß–Ķ—Ä–Ķ–Ņ–į—Ö–į_—É—Ä–Ķ–∑(1).mp4¬†(80.7 MB)¬†–°—Ā—č–Ľ–ļ–į –ī–Ľ—Ź —Ā–ļ–į—á–ł–≤–į–Ĺ–ł—Ź —Ą–į–Ļ–Ľ–ĺ–≤:¬†http://files.mail.ru/909C6FB361FC4215BD313AB587D49379¬†–§–į–Ļ–Ľ—č –Ī—É–ī—É—ā —Ö—Ä–į–Ĺ–ł—ā—Ć—Ā—Ź –ī–ĺ 24.12.2013
Many thanks to Pavel Koktyshev for making this a possibility!! (See the previous newsletter for details on Pavel, Director of the Institute for Public Policy in Kazakhstan.) Helping to realize this project, Kim Ong has offered to set up a fundraising site that will offer the opportunity for tax free donations through the International Society for Individual Liberty,¬†www.isil.org. Please contact Jim Elwood, Executive Director of ISIL,¬†[email protected], or¬†me¬†for more information about how to make this happen.


Matus Posvanc has posted links to the theatrical productions for Slovakian schools! “You can find video record we made from one performance on the school on these links (but only Slovak version)

We also produced a radio play which you can find on following links with English subtitles …
1. part of the radio play http://vimeo.com/23851327
2. part of the radio play http://vimeo.com/23857938
3. part of the radio play http://vimeo.com/23858019
4. part of the radio play http://vimeo.com/23858464
Enclosed you can find script of this theatrical play we produced based on the Ken¬īs excellent book, English version. We planned to produce some animated version of it but were not able to find funds for it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas or questions. Very best, Matus.”


Great news from Petri Kajander in Finland: “You can find as of today Jonathan as an Ebook in Finnish¬†http://www.amazon.com/Jonathan-Gulliblen-seikkailut-yhteiskunnasta-ebook/dp/B00EFYZ32W/. iTunes is coming in the next few days.¬†So, I suppose now it’s finally published (at least it has an ISBN-number :)” Many thanks, Petri!


Tomislav Krsmanovic remains undaunted in his work for liberty, writing: “I would like to use this opportunity to inform you that THE ADVENTURES OF JONATHAN GULLIBLE lives anew through a small but valuable step in advancing freedom in¬†Serbia. Some young people, children of my friends, enthuasiastic young libertarians, are sending¬†copies of JG (I have about 200 to 300 copies), to every library in Serbia. They are advising libraries to give conferences¬†about the book in their towns, to organize media appearances, and to gather interested young libertarians to give new enthusiasm for Libertarianism in Serbia. My energy is the same as in 1992 and after that when I was publishing¬†JG in several languages in spite of my age.”
Tomislav (center), with Virgis Daukas (left) and Geo Olsson (right), has arranged to translate and publish the book into more languages than any other: Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Bosniak, Romany, and Montenegran. And many of these were published in more that one edition to incorporate expanded and revised material! What a champion of liberty throughout the Balkans! Yet, Tomislav has long been battling thugs and officials who have harassed him personally and through the courts. Anyone who is willing and able to assist him in this endless struggle through very difficult times is most welcome to contact him.


Fred Meijroos, founder of the publishing house¬†www.succesboeken.nl, launched the second Dutch edition of JG in Amsterdam this summer. This is a magnificent volume of 348 pages, containing illustrations and the full 42 chapter commentaries, background, and references–including a new chapter on the issue of moral hazard. Fred’s marketing talents are unsurpassed, bringing together a lively day long event with more than a hundred in attendance from all over The Netherlands.¬†My sincere thanks to both Fred and to Steffen Hentrich (the translator at far right) for such a professional translation.
Photo on the right, left to right: Hubert Jongen, Ken, Fred Meijroos, Kenli Schoolland, Rita Jongen. Fred is one of those true geniuses of entrepreneurship who, with the brilliant and determined help of his wife, has become the focal point for new perspectives on the human condition. Much appreciated at this launch event was my daughter, Kenli, who gave a very insightful presentation about the Chinese economy. And, as special stars at the event, Hubert & Rita Jongen are the folks in the last chapter of the book who are depicted as the father and mother of Jonathan because of their very inspiring role in developing the book and taking it international. Their family were also in attendance: Louk and Minga Jongen front and center in the photo on the left. My sincere thanks to both Fred and to Steffen Hentrich (the translator at left) for such a professional translation.


It was one of the greatest moments of the ISIL Libertarian International Conference this summer to meet Adedayo Thomas, who keeps making a tidal wave of change across Africa. And another very worthy cause for contributors. Says Adedayo, “It will be well appreciated if you put the Play performance into your¬†next year budget. At least within 3-5 universities in Nigeria if we¬†cannot do countries. The noninvolvement of ISIL in the play tour¬†performance last year did not project consent to such project. I am¬†sure when the video is released by ATLAS, ISIL would love to have been¬†mentioned.What do you think?”¬†I think Adedayo is right! His award winning plays (see the previous JG newsletter) have toured Africa to great effect. This is surely a time for enormous impact for donors. (Jan Malek, Ken, and Adedayo Thomas at the ISIL conference in Lausanne.)
Adedayo is all over the arena in battles for liberty: in addition to the JG plays–book fairs, journalist interviews, radio broadcasts. Reports Adedayo, “Rushing to the book fair stand to meet a Socialist Professor for another round of discussion who pronounced openly that I should be sent to prison for being a Free Market Advocate during the book fair conference on Tuesday. Yesterday, rejoice put my energy to the task of starting from the book fair stand at 9 am, to a discussion with journalists on ‘Will Capitalism ever die’ at 11.30 at the media centre, then to the Women’s University of Africa at 3:00pm for outreach, back to the book fair stand to take high school students on about globalization using the IPencil CD and finally a debate with Communist Movement of Zimbabwe at the Star FM radio station from 7-8Pm.”
Note, the Commentary edition of Jonathan Gullible is front and center on the table at the book fair! Want to help send books to Nigeria? Support the touring play? Please contact Jim Elwood¬†¬†[email protected]¬†or¬†me¬†for suggestions.
Adedayo’s influence is stretching across continents as well.¬†Srijan BandyopadhyayI wrote: “I hope you are well. We met last year at the Asia Liberty Forum in New Delhi, India.¬†I am writing to you with a request – A friend, Bonny Singh, is a law student and wishes to conduct a play on his college campus, to spread awareness on the importance of economic freedom and individual liberty.¬†I remember that a Nigerian group had developed a play on this subject, titled ‘A letter from Jonathan Gullible‘, based on your book, The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible. ¬†I suggested to Bonny that this would be a good option for him to take up, if he were able to customise it to local tastes.¬†Would it be possible for you to provide Bonny with a script of the play, or connect him with the individuals from Nigeria? We have a few copies of your book at CCS, and we will be sending that to Bonny from our end.¬†Your help in this matter would be much appreciated.”
To which, Adedayo replied: “Dear Srijan, please let Bonny knows he has¬†my full support for his project. He should please use and or adapt the¬†play to suit his audience. In fact, if my plans become clearer by¬†month end, I will be able to tell you if coming to India by Jan, 2014¬†will still hold. If that becomes a reality, I will be willing to work¬†more with you and Bonny on such project.¬†Thank you, Ken, for providing this platform for us to develop.” I’m thrilled.


The second Chinese edition of JG was published last year and was used in classes at the annual International Summer Economics Seminars at Northeastern University in Shenyang. These events, along with two 2013 summer Austrian Economics Summits in Bratislava, Slovakia and Bucharest, Romania, were organized by my wife, Li Schoolland and her TFT Events: http://tftevents.com
Li is seeking funding to provide a hundred copies of JG to the select 100 students from all over China who are expected to attend the seminars next year. The price is now only $3 per copy. Please contact me if you can support such an endeavor. Below is the back cover of the Chinese edition showing the bookshelf of many of the JG international editions.


Animator Keith Baxter (L) (Disney, DreamWorks, and Universal) has teamed with Producer Matthew Parker  (R) (Codex Media) and a team of libertarians in Hollywood to prepare for the full length feature film. For a copy of the business plan and investment potential, please contact me or Matthew Parker.


Ideas on the PoL animation from Joe Quirk (below): “I’ve watched your video countless times contemplating its artful concision and persuasive use of imagery.¬† I’ve imagined how your message could be brought to be bear on a humanitarian theme– to show how prosperity could emerge from the poor if only we let it happen.¬† The fact that your video has been watched almost a half million times on Youtube alone shows that people send it to each other.¬† It’s contagious in part because it appeals to the best in people, and I think the first sequel should approach the humanitarian theme you set up near the end.”


The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible has received the support of dozens of public policy institutions, endorsements from eminent figure in economics and journalism (Skousen, Friedman, Williams, Stossel, & Forbes), and numerous awards for excellence in free market education, plays, and artwork.
Mark Skousen will surely be carved on the Mt. Rushmore of Free Market Economics as a result of his vast and prolific authorship. His book is the best thing I have found for my economics classes. To top it off, Mark recently received notice¬†from Steven Landefeld, the director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis,¬†that the BEA will begin publishing an expanded aggregate statistic that reflects that concept that Mark initiated, developed, and pushed for many years: Gross Domestic Expenditures (GDE). This will be published every quarter¬†along with GDP.¬†GDE fills in a big piece of the macroeconomics puzzle. It establishes the proper balance between production and consumption, between the “make” and the “use” economy, and one that is consistent with growth theory. JG proudly received the Leonard E. Read Book Award from Mark (photo above right) when he was President of the Foundation for Economic Education.


Frankly, I want help in promoting JG during the coming holiday season. If you have suggestions, please write to me. If you are seeking the perfect holiday gift for someone interested in learning about free markets, please contact AMAZON.COM or me directly for bulk rates directly from the publishers: 1) the university edition; 2) the youth edition & audio; 3) the two commentary editions: South Africa & India



Organized by Li Schoolland, Founder of TFT Events with Romanian Austrian Economics Summer School,  Murray Rothbard Center for Political Economy and Business of The Romanian-American University, Cato Institute, Societatea pentru Libertate Individuala, Ludwig von Mises Institute-Romania
Media Partner: Forbes Romania. Presentations on immigration, moral hazard, wage policy, income policy, and ethics. Bucharest, Romania, June 2013


Organized by Li Schoolland, Founder of TFT Events: Bratislava Austrian Economic Summit, presentations on moral hazard, economic crisis, immigration, and ethics. CEVRO Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia, June 2013


Global Free Market Education (all about Jonathan Gullible educational programs and projects) and more with Gabriel Calzada from Guatemala, Alexander Kokotovic from SFL & Serbia, Nouh El Harmouzi of Morocco, and Mary Ruwart, Jim Elwood, and myself ofThe International Society for Individual Liberty, Freedom Fest: Las Vegas, Nevada, July, 2013. John Stossel presented with the latest edition of JG that he endorsed.


Organized by Li Schoolland, Founder of TFT Events: China English Camp, including economics tutoring on Austrian Economics to Jason Xingbin Li, of ‚ÄúKunshang School‚ÄĚ & graduate student with Jesus Huerta de Soto, King Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain; Beijing, China, July 2013
Seminar on Problems with Fiscal Surveillance and Governance in China & the World, IAPP-Cathay Institute for Public Affairs, Renmin University, presentation on income distribution and American democracy, Beijing, China, July 28, 2013. And Seminar & Book Release on Market & Government Transformation, IAPP-Cathay Institute for Public Affairs, Renmin University, presentation on global economics education, Beijing, China, July 29, 2013


Ethics of Liberty presentation, Libertarian Party of the Nederlands, Amsterdam, Nederlands, August 18, 2013


International Conference of Mouvement pour laLibert√© and¬†ISIL, presentation on economics of health issues, Lausanne, Switzerland, August 2013. Featured speaker was Shin Dong-Hyuk, famous for his story in the book about North Korea, Escape From Camp 14. At lower left is¬†Kozeta Cuadari-Cika, winner of the Bruce Evoy Memorial Award for her outstanding work in Albania under difficult circumstances. She is accompanied on the left by previous winner, Valentina Nicolaie, for her accomplishments in Romania.¬†Center below is Christian Michel, ISIL organizer of the conference…a great success.
Kozeta is hosting the¬†2014 ISIL World Libertarian Conference¬†in Tirana, Albania, August 28-31. Y’all come!

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