Haven’t You Always Wanted a Libertarian Cartoon For Your Kids?

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Mrs. Melnikova

Mrs. Melnikova

As my daughter was growing up I tried my best to counter the lessons she was learning from mainstream cartoons, about glorifying royalty and the use of power over others. It’s not an easy task, as cartoons are very cute and captivating.

Here is the English version of a chapter from The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, “The Tortoise and The Hare Revisited,” written and directed by Lyudmila Melnikova. The original was produced in Russian alongside a puppet theater for the same story.

Lyudmila show2.jpg

From Lyudmila: “Our children are amazed by it and they want more and also want to study the song concerning Lysander and Turtle. This is my present to you for Christmas. In Kazakhstan this show is a sensation. All newspapers write about this event in the Russian and Kazakh languages.”

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