Would you like to be free? Learn English. It is a language that connects the world. Despite the fact that Chinese is still spoken by more people in the world, on an international level English is more useful, since it is not concentrated in the same geographic area and thus it is used as the language of business, science and technology and aviation.
Latin used to be the Lingua Franca that crossed over borders. However, it was the language of the select few. Modernity made education available to more people and with English, these people can break free from the confines of their national borders and interact with people from all over the world. What if there was a still better option? Not only to help people learn English, but to take it a step further and teach them about liberty? The good news is that there is such a possibility now!
The Hungarian Free Market Foundation’s exciting new project, called Be Free with English teaches the language using pro-liberty, libertarian material. In the process of furthering the English skills of the learners, they are also presented with the idea and practical side of liberty. With the help of material such as I, Pencil, a video of a speech by Milton Friedman and Hayek’s ideas on society the basics of the libertarian idea gradually unfold and in the meantime people will be better and more skillful in the English language.
This is done with the help of a software called Lingo, which integrates into the browser and pops up on the sites of the materials asking various questions testing both grammatically and contextually the learners. It goes further than this however. When an unknown word is found in the text, upon clicking on it lingo will explain its meaning and store the word, so it can be looked up afterwards. It also can test people on their vocabularies, using the stored words.
The material for teaching English has been carefully selected by language teachers and libertarian leaders to gradually present a more and more challenging experience and to carefully but systematically ease people into the idea of liberty. The course is one-year long, and learners will be presented with 8 assignments each month for a very compatible and cheap price.
If you want to learn about individual freedom, free society, personal responsibility and in the meantime, want to improve your English skills in a fun way, Be Free with English is the best opportunity for you! Apply to the course at: http://onlinecourses.lingoeducation.com/befreewithenglish/

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