By: Students for Liberty Nepal
SFL- Nepal is looking for help to aid lives in this miserable time. These individuals, who could otherwise not hope to afford to run their lives. Our goal to help bring these people back to life and for this we will require a budget of $2500 to complete our small campaign.  Please click here to donate.
The earthquake which killed more than 7,000 people and injured more than twice as many with a moment magnitude of 7.8.  This was the most powerful disaster to strike many lives and crushed thousands shelters.
Among the affected areas, Sindhupalchowk is the most disastrous one where many lives are struggling to survive. Women and Children are more prone to these vulnerabilities.
It is heart wrecking to helplessly see these people cry for help. Major focus has been given to food and accommodation but if we see from the close proximity there is a high risk of epidemic outbreak given the situation of toilets and washrooms also people tending to use open spaces to urinate and excrete.
Also lives in the tents in an open space are not that easy. Snakes become your neighbors, leopards roam in the nights, and insects/mosquitoes bite the children. Moreover if we see trough the density of people living outside the shelters or on to the roads there is more risk of communicable disease.
SFL-Nepal in collaboration with Nepal Peace building Initiative has started running in campaigns to distribute food and some sanitary requirements in Sindhupalchowk. Further we are trying to launch a campaign to build temporary toilets and distribute sanitary items that can help much to improve the health of people suffered. 
Likewise, as schools are set to reopen after the Directive issued by the Government to resume Schools, we SFL will take a step to help students and children to cope the post-traumatic situations. We will voluntarily run in classes and distribute reading materials which has been destroyed by the tremor.
Please click here to donate.

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