Riya Basnet and Nisha Niraula report, “The books have just arrived and we will be giving out our braille books to the Blind Girls Hostel. There are 25 of them. Also they want us to orient them about the stories inside the book and help them learn about liberty. So, Nisha and I will give them some classes on The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey after they get the books. Here are some pictures attached of the books and of our publishers.” These women, truly great champions of liberty, have also done many other projects to empower women and children in Nepal through their leadership in Students for Liberty. Despite their many efforts to help rebuild after the recent tragic earthquake, Riya and Nisha continue to proceed with projects for liberty they started last year. We are seeking donations to help them attend the World Conference Bali 2015 to present these books to the conference and to tell their story. Articles about their work are posted by The ISIL – International Society for Individual Libertyhttp://isil.org/women-for-liberty/ and http://isil.org/student-lessons-of-liberty-in-nepal/

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