Day 2 of the World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali.  Andrew Humphries helped to organize an activity to help explain the irrationality of central planning, and the power of the spontaneous order — with our shoes!

Andrew Humphries

ANDREW HUMPHRIES is a former faculty at Michael Polanyi College, a three-year liberal arts program at University Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. He received a B.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College, Santa Fe and an M.Ed. from Endicott College.

Before joining MPC, Andrew was a Program Associate with Center for Civil Society in the Academy Team, where he facilitated short courses in political economy for college students. He has taught in private Montessori and charter schools in the United States and is also a summer Socratic Practice facilitator at the Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute. He has a special interest in Socratic education, political philosophy, the history and philosophy of mathematics and science, and the “Austrian” tradition of economics and social science.

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