“It’s my passion,” said Ken Schoolland, speaking at the World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali 2015 about the topic of migration, “This is where my passion is.”
Professor Ken Schoolland, economist, gave a lecture about the importance of open migration as a humanitarian cause.
Ken Schoolland Bali shot“People throughout history — pre-history, through human existance, have been moving around the planet.  It’s part of our DNA, you might say, as Shin Dong-hyuk said today.  Yes!  It is all of our nature to leave behind starvation, drought, death, disease, and tyranny, and to move to places that offer greater opportunity for ourselves and our families to live a better life, and a freer life for our children.”
Professor Schoolland gave many examples of the practical, humanitarian, and ethical reasons for open migration.
“Ultimately, I say, openness to migration — much as it was 150 years ago when American companies could roam the world offering contracts to laborers to come work in factories and fields and so on, we wouldn’t find companies moving abroad, we’d find companies moving back because we’d have all the abundance of labor.”  Ken Schoolland Bali shot2
“We’d have the riches of arms, legs and brains of some of the most industrious people in the world.  It is practical, I believe.”
“I believe it is humanitarian.  Much better than just letting people die.”
“And ultimately, it is ethical.  Because it is treating other people as I would want them to treat me if I was in their shoes.”
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Ken Schoolland is a professor of economics at Hawaii Pacific University, and the author of “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: a Free Market Odyssey”.  He is also President of the International Society for Individual Liberty

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