“This is not about substance, this is about style,” said Judd Weiss at the International Society for Individual Liberty World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali.
“Let’s say you’ve got a car you want to sell,” said Judd.  “Imagine how it would impact the sale if at the same time, if you tried to explicitly convince your buyer that he’s an idiot.  Because that’s what we do.  That is the sales method of the liberty movement at the moment.”
According to Judd Weiss, the liberty movement could learn a lesson from companies that separate their engineers from their marketeers.
“We’re basically the engineers dominating the sales department.”
Judd continued, “An engineer’s focus is on the product.  He eats breathes and sleeps that product.  He should not be able to sleep at night if the numbers don’t add up.  That’s a good engineer.”
“But that high level nit-picky detail that engineers go into has nothing to do with introducing people to these ideas.  It has nothing to do with basic sales.”
Judd continued to explain that salesmen focus on people.  “It’s a very different skill set — almost completely unrelated.”
Judd Weiss then talked about the process of marketing from different approaches, but he said ultimately every salesperson has the same job, “Make it as simple as physically possible.”
Watch the rest of Judd Weiss’ amazing lecture here:


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