Bibek Aryal recently shared this report from a monthly event called “Prospects with Professionals”, a monthly program of Students For Liberty, Nepal.

“Prospects with Professionals” is an hour and half long event, once in a month, where a entrepreneurs/social change makers share their experiences and knowledge with prospects entrepreneur/students.  This brainstorming event brings together the most relevant experts from business.  This is an opportunity to gain visibility for students to share ideas and gain knowledge on specific entrepreneurial opportunities in Nepal and to meet other entrepreneurs and innovative Nepalese.

The event brings together over 200 students to explore the latest developments and innovations in business and to provide a better understanding of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in a free market.  It is a platform to prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead as Nepal’s economy continues to increase and move forward to open economy.

On December 9, 2015, Bibek Aryal hosted the very first session of the event in Kathmandu Nepal, with around 300 audience members of Undergraduate Level.  Speaker talked about being creative individuals about their individual right to explore new ideas.  A question and answer round followed some sessions, as well as a focus on personal motivation.

Congratulations to Students for Liberty, Nepal!  Keep up the great work!

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