Is Bali more free than the United States?  In some ways, it is, said Jack Blaylock at the World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali in 2015, hosted by the International Society for Individual Liberty.
“I have more freedom and liberty in this environment than anywhere in the United states,” said Jack, about his time in Bali.
Jack Blaylock moved to Indonesia from the United States 32 years ago, and he says that Bali offers individuals more freedom in may ways.  “Freedom and liberty really does work the way we all theorize it’s supposed to be — in small scale examples that I see all the time.”
Jack presented many examples of spontaneous order in Bali, from legal matters, to traffic, business freedom, and resolving disputes.  He compared this to America, where it is illegal in many areas to open a lemonade stand.
He also recognized that freedom can be healthy for self development.  “When you’re in an environment like this where you have so many day to day little freedoms, what it does for you, is it unleashes the power of your creative mind.  The freer you feel, the more creative you become.  And everybody values the ability to think creatively.  Not just artists.  Thinking creatively is problem solving.  Creative problem solving is one of our most important evolutionary gifts that governments try to kill.”
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