by Mustapha Cole and the Sierra Leone Liberty Group

“A massive flood and mudslides hit our desperately poor West African country of Sierra Leone on August 14 that claimed more than 1000 lives. The secretary of our Sierra Leone Liberty Group, Mohamed, lost all of his property and one member of his family. I, too, lost my home.

We are calling for urgent help for Mohamed and myself in the amount of $2500 to fix up our own homes. Any extra funds will be used to help other homeless in our community. The sooner the better, as we also face the possibility of a cholera outbreak, as happened after floods in 2012. The more money we can raise, the more people we can help.”

Liberty International’s Executive Director Jim Elwood reports that LI is collecting money to assist Mustapha, Mohamed, and if possible, their neighbors. The funds will be transferred to Mustapha Cole, President of the Sierra Leone Liberty Group (SLLG) in Freetown. Mr. Cole will distribute funds and will document how these are processed. The situation in Sierra Leone from this flooding is dire and urgent. Please help!

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[Ed. Note: Mustapha Cole lost members of his own family in the Ebola epidemic a few years ago, yet was active in private efforts to combat the disease, with government health aid virtually non-existent. Last year he organized a student liberty seminar. We have previously sent him funds for his liberty work and can vouch for him].