Mu Aye Pu – City of tomorrow

From Kurt Hanson: I have some good news to report. We have reached our funding goal of $350,000. A surge of investment last week put us over the finish line, in fact we are oversubscribed.
I want to thank you for publishing the story on Mu Aye Pu because that is what kicked off the investment interest. We did in 4 months what I thought would take a year.
This will be the founding of a city of tomorrow in the jungle, and there will be nothing quite like it in the world. We are turning a former war zone into an amazing oasis of peace and prosperity that will be home to 100,000 or more people.
Here is a recent article about our business and our plans to raise $100 million early next year to build. We already have our first business customer, a high-end wellness clinic wants to set up shop at MAP.

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