About Bibek Aryal and ECA Nepal

Bibek Aryal, MBA graduate from Nepal is an aspiring entrepreneur. He is always exploring and chasing opportunities to expand and deepen his knowledge and skills. His journey to Libertarian philosophy started in 2015 when he joined South Asia Students For Liberty as a first batch of Local Coordinator in South Asia. He served as Local Coordinator for a year and Senior Local Coordinator then after. Mr. Aryal has good network of young minds who could be a change makers in their field and society. Hence, his engagement were primarily focused on youth and their role as well as involvement for positive changes in the society and the nation.

Bibek has attended Liberty International World Conference 2018 in Krakow, Poland. In his own words, his participation in the conference stimulates his activity to train and educate young minds in the field of entrepreneurship, economic prosperity and free trade. For this he has recently incorporated an organization called “ECA Nepal” with his friend Mr. Sagar Khanal who also aspires same. He mentioned that the sessions he attended in the conference and people he met in the conference make him to realize the need and possible positive outcome in the society by training, educating and facilitating young minds in the field of entrepreneurship and economic prosperity along with their personal development/growth. Additionally, he has also expanded his knowledge and understanding via reading article published by Liberty International in these field. ECA Nepal will organize and conduct skill and value based seminars, conference and workshops to help professionals and young minds to take the next step in their journey, enlightening them with practical know-how and best practices in the world. He is equipped with event management, coordination, communication and leadership skills from dozens of events he organizes and attended as an active youth and business student. Which he think will give him an advantage to move ahead with ECA Nepal.

Following are some notable activities he has done as a libertarian learner

  • Organized first session by Local Coordinator in Nepal on “Migrant Workers” in collaboration with his colleagues at SFL
  • Attended iPolicy seminar organized by CCS, New Delhi in 2015  
  • Organized various Socratic seminars
  • Invited and encouraged his friends to join the Students For Liberty
  • Organized a talk show event  called “Prospects with Professionals” on 2015, with attendance of 300+ students 
  • Participated in Liberty International World Conference 2018 at Krakow, Poland
  • Attended the Asia Liberty Forum 2019 in Colombo Sri Lanka where he also participated in Crowd-sourcing a Project on Bridging Entrepreneurial Incubation and Skill Gaps to aspiring entrepreneurs/business students in Nepal. He aim to bridge the gap by ECA Nepal.