Dear Friends and Benefactors of Liberty International,

I am writing you right after our overwhelmingly successful Liberty International World Conference in Mongolia. Huge thanks go to the Silk Road Foundation for astonishing work on their end. This World Conference had a special meaning to me as I was officially announced to be the next president of Liberty International.

My journey with LI started in the summer of 2006 when I received a scholarship to attend the World Conference in Prague. That event changed my life: it opened my eyes that there are amazing people around the world who believe in the same principles as I do. It motivated me to start organizing libertarian projects in my home country and abroad. Last year’s LIWC in Kraków hosted by my Polish organization, Freedom and Entrepreneurhip Foundation, reinforced my ties with Liberty International. When last winter Ken Schoolland visited me in Phoenix to discuss becoming its president, I was ready to say Yes!

Now you might ask: what is it going to change? I will start with what I am not going to change. It’s our true specialty: the family-like climate we greatly enjoy during annual World Conferences. The LIWC itself will obviously remain our flagship project and next year in Colombia will be fantastic because we have found phenomenal local partners. We will also continue Liberty Camps – my close ties to LLI and Glenn Cripe will assure that. So what do I plan to add or improve?

1. Introduce new projects to Liberty International, such as

  • Project Arizona, a program for international freedom activists in Phoenix
  • Liberty Hub, a website that centralizes information about international freedom activities
  • Podcast featuring freedom fighters in faraway countries

2. Attract wider audience by more effective use of website, newsletter, and social media.

3. Strenghten our financial situation by pursuing private fundation grants as well as expanding appeals to individual donors.

Finally, I thank the Directors of Liberty International for giving me the opportunity to work with them. I know I can rely on all of you amazing and dedicated people to help me succeed with these goals. Let’s grow Liberty International together!

Yours for Liberty,

Jacek Spendel

Jacek Spendel, a native of Poland, is an experienced manager in the libertarian think-tank world. He started his activism at age 18 with the KoLiber Youth Association. Between 2005-2012, Spendel was the project manager at the Globalization Institute. In 2012, he founded Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation where he is CEO and runs a number of projects with Project Arizona as the most successful one. His adventure with Liberty International started back in 2006 when as a 21-year-old student he attended the Prague LIWC with a scholarship. Two years later, Spendel organized his first LLI Liberty Camp, and has managed over a dozen of them in several different countries. In 2019, Jacek Spendel joined the Board of Liberty International. Simultaneously with his libertarian activism he ran a pizza business in Katowice between 2014-2017. He studied social sciences at University of Silesia, Jagiellonian University, and Georgetown University. Spendel is an Alumnus of Atlas Network’s Think-Tank MBA (2013) and The Fund of American Studies programs in Prague (2008) and Washington, DC (2009). Currently, he and his wife Magda divide their time between Phoenix, AZ and Wrocław in southwestern Poland.