The three-week lecture circuit began with a week of presentations at the Summer Camp of International Economics and Management Scholars 2019 as the guests of Northeastern University in Shenyang, China. This 10thannual summer program was the brainchild of Li Schoolland in 2009 and has grown to accommodate 200 students from 8 countries. 

The summer camp was followed by a two-week journey to Beijing, Chengdu, Dali, Lijiang, Guilin, Yongzhou, and Shanghai. Multiple destinations hosted gatherings ranging from 20 to 100 intellectuals and entrepreneurs.

Presenting scholars:

Per Bylund, USA/Sweden

Barun Mitra, India

Victor Claar, USA

Doug Bandow, USA

Dan Mitchell, USA

Patrick Mardini, Lebanon

Cris Lingle, USA/Guatemala

Zhu Haijiu, China

Matt Dale, USA

Kishore Jayabalan, Italy

Ken Schoolland, USA 

Friends and supporters:

Liberty International

Mont Pelerin Society

ACTON Institute

Students for Liberty

CATO Institute

Topics presented:

–Entrepreneurship and value

–Entrepreneurship and regulations

–Economic Growth: Exchange, Production, and Entrepreneurship

–AI and the Structure of Production

–Demographic transition: From surplus to scarcity

–Free market environmentalism: Economics of environment

–Property rights: From poverty to prosperity

–Digital Dystopia: Lessons of the Matrix—Strengthening State & Squeezing Citizens

–The problem of planning

–The future of work

–Who is the economy?

–Automation and the future of work and welfare

–The problem of planning

–Morality of markets

–How free trade and globalization benefit all countries

–How politics undercuts markets

–The eternal lessons of politics

–The economics of government spending

–Comparative economic analysis

–The economics of taxation

–The challenges of public works

–The roots of modern day prosperity

–Lifting people out of poverty

–Cryptocurrencies: From Bitcoin to Libra 

–How did China become rich

–Human actions & markets: Peaceful cooperation & shared prosperity

–China and Trump’s trade war: Causes & consequences

–Austrian economics vs. Conservativism: Insights into free market economics

–Blockchain technology & a “Real” Social Contract 

–Economic interpretation of China’s reform process. 

–Why should we oppose the theory of market failure?

–The unique charm of the Austrian school.

–Bargaining and patience

–Logic of the market and game theory

–Supply chain finance

–Why is John Locke relevant today?

–Rousseau’s influences

–Edmund Burke and Conservativism

–Government by algorithm

–Economic freedom, prosperity, & migration

–Principles of economics

–Problems of redistribution

–Problems of taxation

–The virtue of choice in currency

–Austrian school policy alternatives