Are you a libertarian/classical liberal/anarchocapitalist/advocate of free-market?

Are you interested in freedom for some time already, but miss interaction with other like-minded people?

Do you prefer casual, informal meetings to dull conferences?

Would you like to spend holidays in sunny Italy, but don’t want to ruin your wallet doing it?

If so, then Liberty Camp 2019 is for you!

Spend your vacation with freedom for just 200 Euro – join us at Liberty Camp 2019!

Liberty Camp is a true free-market tournee around the globe, which year by year attracts libertarians from LITERALLY all around the world – from USA to Middle East to Japan and beyond! On the camp, you will attend liberty-related workshops, lectures and debates, and also, spend a lot of time enjoying stunning landscapes (don’t take your suit – unless it’s a bathing suit 😉 ). This year, Liberty Camp takes place in Italy, in a picturesque village quite close to Pompeii – enter the link ( and see how wonderful the resort looks! 

How much does it cost? Not much, for a week-long stay in Italy – the price on the website already includes accommodation and breakfasts! If you’re still hesitating, you can apply to the camp with a special LI discount – just type ‘LI200’ in the ‘discount code’ bracket in the application form, and the final price for the whole package will be only 200 EUR!

So, see you in Italy? And by the way, our resort looks beautiful, but it has a limited number of beds 😉 so don’t wait until all are booked – apply right now!