By Mary Ruwart

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My 70th birthday is October 16th. As I look back on my life, I feel so blessed to have had your support all of these years. This year, for my birthday, I’d like to ask you for a special gift and give you one of my own…

Liberty International, formerly the International Society for Individual Liberty, is at a critical juncture. We’ve just hired a new President, Jacek Spendel from Poland. This has increased LI’s ability to do more of our great work for liberty, but we also have the extra expense of a full-time President. If you will donate $35 to LI as my birthday gift, I will send you a digital copy (Kindle, ePub, or PDF) of one of my books. If you donate $70, I’ll send you 2 books. And if you donate $100 or more, I’ll give you all 3! LI deserves your most generous support!

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• Donate $35 or more: 1 free e-book
• Donate $70 or more: 2 free e-books
• Donate $100 or more: 3 free e-books


• Healing Our World: The Compassion of Libertarianism (2015 edition)
• Short Answers to the Tough Questions: Expanded Edition (2012 edition)
• Death by Regulation: How We Were Robbed of a Golden Age of Health and How We Can Reclaim It (NEW BOOK! – 2018)

You choose the book(s) you want as well as the medium — PDF, Kindle, and ePub versions available!

After you donate, I will contact you to arrange delivery of the rewards.

I am so grateful to have you in my life and look forward to working with you to inspire liberty throughout the world!

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