By Luka Sutiashvili

Villagio Nettuno Resort of beautiful Italy was chosen as a location of Liberty Camp Italy 2019 – the oldest, continuously operating seminars of liberty-oriented individuals from all around the world. Youth from different continents came to meet up and develop their networking with Libertarian entrepreneurs, make new friends, explore the stunning places of Italy and improve their knowledge about the ideas of liberty by inspiring lectures.

Main objective of the Liberty Camp was to raise the awareness of participants about the libertarian issues such as freedom of trade and doing business, personal liberty, minimum government, entrepreneurship, the idea of freedom with responsibilities, etc. Distinguished, successful and qualified speakers delivered their speeches so efficiently that participants had a chance to share their experiences and listen to others and as a result they analyzed various topics from different perspectives.

The first evening of the camp was full of joy and ice-breakers between participants and lecturers with the kind invitation to the dinner. Jacek Spendel introduced us the schedule of the camp and gave us useful advices. Though from the second day we started amazing lectures, it should be mentioned that the #LCI2019 was not only about lectures, but it was also very well arranged with debates, panels, movie sessions and public speaking exercises and we had an opportunity to improve ourselves not only in the theoretical, but practical way as well. Special thanks to Michael Severance, Kyle Varner, Glenn Cripe and Andy Eyschen for this kind of experience. Huge thanks to all speakers for their attitude that they really made us -new generation – feel like we are an important part of the future!

Speaking of schedule of the camp which was written so properly with different activities, organizers organized the camp in the one of the most adorable parts of our planet and they gave us a day to travel and explore breathtaking Italy. In this way we all proved that with education and networking fun and entertainment is very important for the best results.

Besides the effort of main organizers such as Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation, Language of Liberty Institute and Liberty International, speakers of the camp invited us to dinner several times when they dedicated much time to us with informal talks and discussions about contemporary world issues.

For those who believe in the power of networking, LCI2019 was a truly life changing experience. Each person of this inspiring international camp gained lifelong friendships and networking which armed us to make a positive, liberal impact on the rest of the world.