We are really happy to inform you that our Polish colleagues from PAFERE [Polish-American Foundation for Economics Research and Education] are about to publish two new books on liberty. We had a quick look at them before the premiere, and all we can do is to recommend them to any Polish reader.

First book was edited by Jan Kuban, Miroslaw Matyja and Janusz Sanocki and focuses on a relation between citizen and a state in a Polish democratic system. Authors not only try to explain the intricacies of the Polish political system, but most importantly draw conclusions based on freedom-friendly message. One of the most important, and interesting, parts of the book relates to the responsibilities of various people that have a power of changes in the political system. This not only relates to politicians-voters dichotomy, but also to people usually omitted from the discussion yet having only a slightly lesser impact on society, like teachers, priests, intellectuals, and lawyers.

The other book published by PAFERE is Tomasz Ulatowski’s ‘Wickedness’. This is a brilliant piece that explains the inflation game. Polish author focuses on a transparent review of the history of the idea and its implementation in practice. What’s interesting isn’t pure case study but the way that Ulatowski explains common misconceptions related to inflation. 

We can only recommend Polish readers to follow PAFERE site to find out when books will be available. We have been told all books on their site
http://pafere.org ) are for free!