Dr. Kyle Varner

Last month I joined Language of Liberty Institute as a faculty member at a Liberty Camp in the Amalfi Coast of Italy.  I gave talks to the students about the specific ways that socialism destroyed the economy of Venezuela, the nature of profits under capitalism, and the need for a free market in human organs.
This month I have been in Colombia doing humanitarian work and promoting liberty.  I started in Cucuta providing volunteer medical care to the Venezuelan refugee population.  Currently, I’m on a five city speaking tour with a total of 8 planned events where I am discussing libertarian ideas.  The program is a joint venture between Language of Liberty Institute, Liberty International, Movemiento Libertario Colombia and Students for Liberty.
At the end of this speaking tour, I will head to New York City to attend the Atlas Network Event.

James Lark

I met with many libertarians during my visit to Sao Paulo, Brazil on Oct. 17-22.  Specifically, I met with Paulo Ghedini, a member of the Board of Directors of Students For Liberty Brasil on Oct. 17 to discuss ways to build more effective Libertarian student groups throughout the country.

On Oct. 18, I met with Helio Beltrao, president of the Instituto Mises Brasil, along with several IMB staff members.  We discussed various ways to promote libertarian ideas among students and in the popular press. 

On Oct. 19, I served as chef for a dinner party at the home of Leandro Narlock in Sao Paulo.  Mr. Narlock is a well-known journalist and writer in Brazil.  In particular, he is the author of a popular book titled Guia Politicamente Incorreto da História do Brasil  (“Politically Incorrect History of Brazil”), along with two sequels.  The party was attended by several libertarian scholars and think-tank members.  (The dinner was arranged by Thaiz Batista, chief operating officer of Instituto Mises Brasil.) 

On Oct. 20, I met with Vinicius Albano, a campus coordinator for Students For Liberty Brasil.  We discussed many of the “nuts and bolts” issues of building campus organizations.  In addition, we discussed issues that SFL Brasil will face as it moves forward.  We also attended the Sao Paulo FC – Avai football match.

On Oct. 21, I met with Ricardo Mellao, Daniel Jose, Ricardo Stella, and Andre Bonini at the Sao Paulo State Assembly.  Mr. Mellao and Mr. Jose are members of Partido Novo, a libertarian party in Brazil that has enjoyed electoral success recently.  They are deputies in the Sao Paulo state legislature (rather like House of Representatives members in a state legislature).  Mr. Stella and Mr. Bonini serve as a chief of staff and legal counsel, respectively, for Mr. Mellao.

Following my meeting with Mr. Mellao, et alia, I met with Dr. Vladimir Maciel, Dr. Mariana Abreu, and Allan Antonio of the Centro Mackenzie de Liberdade Economica (Mackenzie Center for Economic Liberty).  Dr. Maciel is the director of the Center and a professor in the Department of Economics at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (Mackenzie Presbyterian University) in Sao Paulo.  Dr. Abreu is a fellow of the Center and professor in the Dept. of Economics.  Mr. Antonio is a senior analyst at the Center.

We discussed various economics topics that are the subject of ongoing research at the Center, as well as means to promote libertarian economic policies in a hostile intellectual environment. 

On Oct. 30, I delivered a lecture to the Young Americans for Liberty at James Madison University (Harrisonburg, Virginia) on the topic of prospects for the liberty movement.