Dear Freedom Lovers,

It is with great sadness that we announce that the Liberty International World Conference 2020 will not take place in August 2020, as originally planned.  This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its broad consequences: from health risks to potential travel restrictions to economic limitations.

Fortunately, we have good news for you:  the conference has been rescheduled.  We plan to hold it during the first half of January 2021.  The location remains the same:  Medellin, Colombia – even more amazing in winter, because it is warm and pleasant.

Anyone who has already registered for LIWC 2020 in Colombia will be contacted by the organizing team and presented with various options, including a 100% refund.

We are witnessing very dangerous times, which are especially dangerous for human liberty. In many countries, governments are using this crisis  for taking extraordinary measures resulting  in more governmental power over the private sector. We are  watching closely as these measures often never disappear, as libertarian author Robert Higgs pointed out in his monumental book “Crisis and Leviathan.” Private alternatives to government was initially a main theme of LIWC 2020. It will now be the main slogan for our response to the new crisis. The times are  dangerous, but they also give us an opportunity to highlight the benefits of less regulation.  Indeed, in the United States, the FDA is backing off on regulations that are making it difficult for the medical community to respond rapidly to the viral epidemic.

We will inform you when the dates are confirmed and the website for LIWC 2021 in Medellin, Colombia is released. 

Yours for Liberty,
Jacek Spendel, President, Liberty International
Maria Alejandra Londoño Franco, Director, Libertarian Movement of Colombia

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