Dear Freedom Lovers,

We are happy to share our 2019 Annual Report! Download here the Annual Report to read about our plans and priorities, as well as our work all over the world and how Liberty International presence is making the difference in different nations, always bringing freedom as a global matter.

A few highlights from 2019 that you can read more in our report:

Liberty International World Conference 2019: On June, 6-9th LIWC was hosted in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, by the local free markets oriented NGO Silk Road Foundation.

Project Arizona: a semester-long program for young, outstanding leaders of the global freedom change. Check the testimonials from our six outstanding students from Mexico, Venezuela, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and Nepal.

The Dari edition of the “Adventures of Jonathan Gullible”: The new translated/edited edition by Mohammad Khalid Ramizy is finished!

– Also, our financial flow, and much more!

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