SLLG is a non-governmental organization, an NGO that is in the business of educating young people to improve their lives through personal responsibility, free market systems, private property rights, and limited government. Our goal is to help create a generation of African entrepreneurs.

Since the inception of the recent coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe, there have arisen many controversial challenges for the lives of less privileged and needy people. The organization has been engaged in community sensitization to raise awareness of the preventive measures advised by the World Health Organization (WHO).

As the number of coronavirus infections has grown exponentially in Africa, especially in Sierra Leone, restrictive public health measures were put in place to stave off a worsening pandemic. These included a stay at home orders, twelve months of a state of emergency, no public gatherings, no schools, no colleges, limiting of office and factory activities, curtailing passengers in public vehicles, and a worldwide reduction of airline flights by 65% to 97%.

As a result of this challenging situation across the globe, threatening lives and upending the economy, it also has made a profound impact on increased hunger and starvation to our people. This has hit most seriously the less privilege people, the physically challenged, and the elderly.

Donate to fight starvation and hunger for our people

The SLLG wants to help 50 people with foodstuff that they will manage for the coming weeks. Thus, we are kindly requesting your much-needed support to reach our target goal of $3464 for the following items:


Rice50bags rice@Le150,000=Le5,250,0001bag (25kg)$692
Tomatoes20boxes@80,000=Le1600,0006 tomatoes$164
Onions10bags@Le195,000=Le1,950,0001 set$200
Cooking oil10container(18.8lt)@Le220,000=Le2,200,0002.3 liters$225
Mosquito spray10boxes @ Le240,000=Le2,400,0001 bottles $246
Tea50boxes@Le30,000=Le1,500,0001 box each $154
Sugar2boxs@Le500,000=Le1000,0001 box each $102
Administration cost 10@Le200,000=Le2000,000$205
Transportation cost Le1000,000$102
Incidentals 1 $102
Family support50@Le300,000=Le17,500,000 $1537
TOTAL  $3464

DONATE directly to Musta and SLLG at PayPal Address:

U.S. donors wishing to make a tax-deductible contribution that will be forwarded to SLLG may contact Jim Elwood, Executive Director of Liberty International, for credit card or PayPal donations: (415) 656-7417 or email: [email protected]

Efficiency and Sustainability: We are devoted to making sure all funds and every moment of contribution is spent wisely and works to guarantee that the projects we implement can be affordable and sustained by the local communities.

Quantifiable Results: We focus our energy and resources in areas where it can have the greatest impact.

Diversity and Collaboration: The Sierra Leone liberty Group works in diverse localities and believes strongly that some solutions may work in certain areas and not in others. No matter where we work, we engage partners on the ground to ensure that projects are properly responding to local needs. We understand very well that it is not our place to impose Western ideals on others. We listen to the communities we work in and encourage local dialogue and suggestions to address the problems the community faces. We always use individuals from the local communities to help plan, propose, and implement the projects and programs.

Your support can help greatly to connect with the most exposed people with prospect to lift them from uncontrollable adversity. Helping the unfortunate is life inspiring, it is like bringing light and hope into their lives during hard times like this.

In that regard, I am kindly seeking your favor to build a culture of kindness and long-lasting support for those who have been deprived.

We truly believe that donating today to reach our target of $3464, will be of caring benefit for the most vulnerable and hungry people in this crisis.

Let’s help the poor and fight starvation through THE SIERRA LEONE LIBERTY GROUP.

In support of SLLG is Dan McLaughlin [email protected] Concerning our fundraising efforts, Dan wrote:

“That is great. I am a co-founder of SLLG with Musta. We started it as an official NGO the year before the Ebola crisis, for which they did great work bringing food to families in quarantine. They face huge obstacles there, and the lockdown is devastating the people more than many countries because many people need to go out daily just to provide for food for families. I was planning to visit Musta and SLLG in April and speak to some groups of young men and women there on my way back from Ghana until everything was canceled.”

From our Liberty International archives, read about the Ebola rescue mission of SLLG in 2014: