Dear Friend of Liberty,

In spite of the new challenges we face, I am reminded of how successful early 2020 has been for Liberty International. Not only did we carry out several projects, but we also grew our libertarian community all around the world.  We have actively pursued our mission to spread the philosophy of freedom and bridge the gap between libertarians living in different places.  I am very grateful for having you here with us — your  help and support are significant! 

Here are some exciting projects and events our organization has been involved in which might be of your interest.
COVID-19 Relief Project Lockdowns in poorer regions of the world have meant that millions of people were left with no source of income. Unfortunately, governments have been enacting extraordinary measures that are limiting personal freedom and wreaking economic devastation. That includes many of our gallant libertarian friends and their communities.

We supported the Purwanchaal Orphan Center and Birateswor Old Age Home. We provided the relief of around 290 USD to both of the centers. 80 orphan children and 60 elders. We also identified a group of the disabled, street vendors, the poor, and provided them with relief support from Bikalpa office. 
– Basanta Adhikari, Director at Bikalpa An Alternative, Nepal

Did you know that in Colombia, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating a malnutrition crisis? Or that despite just 74 confirmed COVID-19 cases, Ugandans have spent more than 50 days in the lockdown? Without significant savings, without working everyday, citizens there don’t eat, can’t afford medicine and other basic necessities. 

Liberty International’s COVID-19 Relief Project aims to help our friends and their local relief efforts. Countries such as Uganda, Colombia, Nepal, India, Sierra Leone and Nigeria are home to our friends of liberty. Two project leaders are Rowland Kingsley and Sanni Johnson who have just been designated as Liberty International Representatives for West Africa. Now is the time to support their cause and there are plenty of ways to do so. Go to our website to see how you could get involved. HELP THE CAUSE 

Libertarian Solutions Our upcoming educational project for those who would like to further explore the field of libertarianism, and learn how it could be implemented in one’s community. The series of 16 webinars conducted by our team’s experts: Dr. Mary Ruwart, Dr. Ken Schoolland, Dr. James Lark, Dr. Kyle Varner, and Dr. Per Bylund. Topics include various aspects of social policies, international trade, immigration and health care. Participants will have access to the special e-learning platform and finalize their course with a written essay. 

The best ones will be awarded a scholarship to attend the Liberty International World Conference in Medellín, Colombia. The conference  is scheduled for August, 2021.  Keep up with all updates on our Facebook page and official website.

Project Arizona Our intensive training project for young, outstanding leaders of global freedom change. A semester-long program in Phoenix where these international talents attend meaningful internships, academic seminars at Arizona State University (ASU) and meet leaders of various pro-liberty organizations. Through experiencing wide-ranging and valuable networking, they gain a thorough understanding of the ideas of liberty and how to implement them after returning to their communities. Want to learn more or apply for the year 2021? Go here:

Liberty International Video Project  We have written the first scripts and will complete the video productions within the next month. In the tradition of our old print pamphlets, these will be short, persuasive presentations about the libertarian approach to social matters. You’ll be able to watch them very soon! 

Liberty International World Conference in Colombia, August 2021 

Our liberty conferences reach back to 1982 and their unique atmosphere brings back a great number of people each year. We plan to gather over 200 liberty enthusiasts from all over the world: academics, think tank activists, entrepreneurs, students. If you wish to experience an unforgettable mixture of knowledge and cultures, as well as make new friends, join us in Medellín (Colombia) this upcoming year. The official website will be announced soon. Meanwhile, please forward your questions to the local co-organizer Maria Alejandra Londoño: [email protected]

We bring the light of liberty to all the peoples of the world. 

Thank you for having been a part of our mission.

If you are new to Liberty International, join us and help our progress!


Jacek Spendel,

President, LI

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