We are proud to announce that we have developed a new educational series which will broaden your understanding of libertarianism and strengthen your ability to effectively communicate these important ideas. In Libertarian Solutions, you will join bright libertarian minds such as Dr. Mary Ruwart, Dr. Kyle Varner, Dr. Per Bylund, Prof. Ken Schoolland, and Dr. James Lark in our LIVE 16-course series happening via Zoom every weekend from late September, through October, and into mid-November. The entire course is only $75, and Liberty International members GET 50% OFF! Use code LIMEMBER at checkout. 

Be sure to check out our course schedule to confirm your availability for each presentation. In the event of a scheduling conflict, we are recording presentations and will make these recordings available to all enrollees within 24 hours of the close of each presentation. We are also offering a free trial of the first two live presentations, and we encourage interested individuals to apply to our scholarship program if necessary. Furthermore, all who enroll in the entire 16-course series will be provided digital copies of Dr. Ruwart’s Healing Our World and Prof. Ken Schoolland’s novel The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, as well as a free year of membership to Liberty International.

See you in the Zoom room!