By Evans Exaud

Greetings from Tanzania, I would like to share feedback on what happened in Kenya last weekend. Our team successful donated the support to 40 households at Githogoro and Ruaka slums on September 5th.Thanks to the Chief’s office Githogoro for hosting them and give them a chance to share some few ideas and a way out with them.

Just brief: Githogoro is one of slums area in Kenya people around this place cant be able to rent houses, no access to electricity and running water 24 hours and no formal jobs. Residents face a high risk of contracting communicable diseases such as typhoid and cholera. These are the people who couldn’t save a penny after COVID 19 and after the lockdown. The question might be, how are they surviving now? The market was their way, read here: Now with lockdown only God knows what going on there during the night or a day.

As we make a promise to strive for a freer and prosperous society, Our team remain steadfast in its promise to alleviate human suffering from any kind of infringement or attach. Thanks to you Glenn and the entire team of LLI and LI.

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