We are pleased to publish a summary of the program called “Africa Kids4Biz Entrepreneurship Seminar, Essay and Art Contest” held in partnership with Liberty International in Nigeria by our West African Representative, Mr. Rowland Kingsley

For the past four years, the Africa Kids4Biz Entrepreneurship Seminar Essay and Art Contest has been run as a concurrent event with Kids4Biz.  These events are even more relevant in these challenging times when it is more important than ever that African youth be equipped with the essential skills and knowledge in regard to capitalism.

This event has focused on stirring up zeal for capitalism awareness and entrepreneurship development among African youth and teenagers.  The event has involved a partnership between Kids4Biz and Liberty International in developing and organizing seminars on capitalism and entrepreneurship and essay and art competitions among students and youth.   

These events included two-day seminars for each region in Nigeria.  Southern Nigeria held its own event on the 8th and 9th of October 2020 in the city of Port with over 386 participants.  Two books were made available to participants, Johnny Profits by Michael Malgeri and Adventures of Jonathan Gullible by Ken Schoolland.

The program schedule lineup for the Southern Nigeria event included a presentation by Li Schoolland on the 8th of October.  On this first day, she shared some lessons on wealth creation and the fundamental ideas of capitalism.  She also engaged in an amazing interaction with the attending youths via Zoom.

On the second day of the Southern Nigeria presentation, we were honored by the presence of Michael Malgeri and Professor Ken Schoolland who discussed the various levels involved in the process of creating and maintaining awareness of capitalism and free-market development in Nigeria.  Michael also encouraged the students to join ROCKMESTAR clubs in their schools.  ROCKMESTAR stands for the Rewards of Capitalism: Knowledge, Morality, Empowerment.  We have already established a club in two schools in Southern Nigeria.  Professor Ken also answered questions and addressed issues raised by the students on Jonathan’s adventures.

The students across Southern Nigeria who came out on top with their work in the essay and art competition were rewarded with a Smart tab, school accessories, and home utensils.  We also had skill practice sessions with the students.  The Northern Nigeria event took place on October 15 and 16 at a secondary school in Lokoja, one of the cities with both junior and secondary school level students.  The events assessed student ideas about the adventures of Jonathan Gullible and also Johnny Profits.  Their essays were submitted as contest entries while there were no other art contest submissions.  The top students were rewarded on a scale of first to fourth positions respectively.  Accordingly, prizes were distributed including Smart tabs, school accessories, and home appliances.

Both events held in Nigeria turned out to be amazingly successful in sharing the ideas of capitalism and promoting the values of free society and entrepreneurship among Africans.  Copies of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible were made available, and the work of Johnny Profits was also equally distributed among the youth in Southern and Northern Nigeria.

End Note:  We want to encourage you to offer more support for the youth who have identified business opportunities and have the skills to carry out such activities.  We also need to keep them connected through ROCKMESTAR in Southern Nigeria where two schools have adopted the club.  Additionally, we need to encourage Kids4Biz and Liberty International to come up with curricula for capitalism and entrepreneurship so that these areas can be part of the basic instructional curriculum of the schools.

Thank you,

Rowland Kingsley

Liberty International Representative
West Africa