1. Liberty Camp, Guatape, Colombia

Week long seminars in this resort area in the countryside, organized with Jorge Castro, Glenn Cripe of Language of Liberty Institute, Esteban Gonzalez of CERTELL, and LiberTank for 30 students from Colombia and Venezuela. Presented first editions of the new illustrated, bilingual Spanish/English edition of Jonathan Gullible.

2. Liberty International World Conference in Medellin, Colombia

Nearly 100 participants and 30 speakers congregated for 4 days in beautiful Medellin. Organized with Maria Alejandra Londono, of Movimiento Libertario, and Jorge Castro for the book release of new bilingual Spanish/English edition of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible.

3. Libre Razon & Students for Liberty in Quito, Ecuador

Hosted by Paz Gomez of Libre Razon and Students for Liberty, Glenn Cripe and I gave presentations about economic freedom and my book for youth and for staff of the representative assembly. We were also hosted by Santiago Gangotena and Luis Esperanza at Universidad San Francisco Quito with discussions about the use of the book with students.

4. Furthermore, my wife, Li, and I gave multiple presentations at Mark Skousen’s fabulous Freedom Fest this summer in Rapid City, South Dakota, and continuing to promote JG and sign books for fans.

5. Other events have been online such as the International JG Reader’s Group that is organized weekly by Glenn Boyer. AIER and the Bastiat Society of Venezuela hosted a presentation about the book in teaching free market ideas. Bishnu Timilsina did much the same with the Language of Liberty Institute and 30 teachers of Pokhara, Nepal. Hiroshi Yoshida hosted a presentation with the Economic Research Association in Tokyo, Japan. The Rondine Foundation Seminar was in Arezzo, Italy. Language of Liberty Institute, with Uwayo Yves Rene as organizer, hosted online seminars in Kigali, Rwanda and with Bishnu Timilsina and Students for Liberty in the Maldive Islands.

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