The Free Market Road Show is the largest international platform for the exchange of ideas and providing solutions to economic and socio-political issues from a libertarian, conservative and market liberal point of view. It offers a unique opportunity for personal discussions with decision-makers from politics and business.

🟥 The Ukraine war hinders FMRS-longterm-partner, the Bendukize Center, to host an event in Kyiv. But the FMRS partners stand together and with the help of Austrian Ecnomics´ spontanious order and entrepreneurial spirit and the encouraging dedication of the Warsaw Enterprise Institute, we are in the position to announce an FMRS Kyiv outside Ukraine:

Free Market Road Show – wspierając Ukrainę Kyiv/Warsaw
📆 April 28, 3:30pm – 7:30pm
📌 Freedom Lounge, ul. Nowy Świat 6/12, Warsaw, 🇵🇱Poland
👉 Program and Registration:

Top ranked international speakers will provide key notes and panel discussions on some of the most pressing issues of today, like the geopolitical changes, the future of economy and the future of the European Union:

“The World´s Disorder”, panel number 1, features Adam Eberhardt (political scientist, Ośrodek Studiów Wschodnich – OSW), Łukasz Jasina (spokesman for the ministry of foreign affairs), Andrzej Krajewski (historian Warsaw Enterprise Institute), Tomasz Wróblewski (Warsaw Enterprise Institute) and Marcin Zieliński (Fundacja FOR (Forum Obywatelskiego Rozwoju)) and will deal with the latest disruptions, security and defense questions, political and ideolocical shifts, not only in regards to the Ukraine war but also taking a look at the roles of big players like China. We will discuss the new role of the USA and consider the question of stability in the Middle East.

Panel 2, “Another Challenge for Economy”, spotlights economic issues that we face in consequence of the pandemic, the ongoing war in Ukraine, a new wave of immigration, EU´s dependency on energy imports and the socio-economic incline that comes along with questionable climate policies. This and more will be addressed by remarkable speakers, including Yaron Brook (Ayn Rand Institute), Matt Kibbe (Free the People), Marcin Nowacki (Związek Przedsiębiorców i Pracodawców), Krassen Stanchev (Sofia University) and Marek Tatała (Fundacja Wolności Gospodarczej).

“Europe Reconsidered”, panel 3, brings together views from all over the continent to discuss the future of the European Union as a political and economic union, as well as, the far too long ignored questions of defense, also considering the role of the NATO members within the EU and the approaches of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU. Speakers are Aleś Alachnovič (economist, Case Belarus), Gunnar Hökmark (Stockholm Free World Forum), Yuliya B. Tychkivska (Bendukize Center), Richard Zundritsch (Austrian Economics Center). Liberty International is the official media partner of Free Market Road Show – wspierając Ukrainę