♦️ Project Arizona is 5-week long program, based on education and networking, for young, outstanding leaders of global freedom change, which takes place in the beautiful Phoenix, in November. 10 Best candidates will escape fall in sunny Arizona. These international talents will attend meaningful academic seminars, hosted by Project Arizona, in collaboration with local freedom fighters, such as Justice Clint Bolick, Prof. Krystal Slivinski, Prof. Jonathan Barth, Victor Oleynik etc.

➡️ https://projectarizona.us


Besides the classes, our participant experience wide-ranging and valuable networking, trips to Grand Canyon, Southern California, Washington DC etc. attending conferences at Arizona State University and more.

♦️ Leads To Change

Our mission is to provide international leaders a life-changing experience that empowers them to become advocates of freedom in their own communities. Our students not only gain a thorough understanding of the ideas of liberty, but also learn how to implement them when they return to their own communities.

Phoenix is a fun city by itself, but living 5 weeks in American South West is a perfect opportunity to explore much more, especially given that Arizona and the surrounding states are having much to offer.

♦️ Attend Classes Designed exclusively for Project Arizona

Education is a very important part of Project Arizona. We want students to better understand the history of the place (United States of America) and learn the mechanisms of free market economy that made it prosperous. In Project Arizona, we have four courses, which will be given twice a week. Please, click on courses, to read more.

♦️ Course I: United States Constitution Structure and Interpretation by Justice Clint Bolick;
♦️ Course II: Austrian Economics by Krystal Slivinski;
♦️ Course III: Civic Journalism by Victor Oleynik;
♦️ Course IV: Foundations of American Political Thought by Jonathan Barth;

To learn more, visit our Website: https://projectarizona.us