Every year Language of Liberty Institute organizes Liberty Camps in different parts of the world, attracting young people who want to explore and spread classical liberal philosophy, free-market economics, and entrepreneurship. In addition,  LLI has introduced the new inhouse non residential program from the year 2022 as a Pilot Project in South Asia attracting young people who want to explore and spread liberalism, free-market economy and entrepreneurship. This workshop provides students with valuable tools to increase their potential by applying classical liberal ideas in their own lives. At this workshop, participants expand their knowledge. They also participate in discussion and  presentation on  these topics.

Language of liberty Institute has successfully delivered a 2 days non residential “Liberty Workshop” program based on liberalism, entrepreneurship and free-market economy  at Pokhara, Nepal from 8th to 9th April 2022 as a feeder program for Liberty Camp. At this workshop students learn how to apply Liberalism ideas to solve entrepreneurship problems.

Camp organizers

LLI collaborated with The Bastiat Society of Nepal, and enjoyed additional support from the Pokhara Research Centre (PRC, Nepal).  The management team in Pokhara was headed by Bishnuhari Timilsina, assisted by Bishnu Prasad Timilsina with volunteers.

Language of Liberty Institute

Founded in 2005, the Language of Liberty Institute develops and organizes educational youth camps in developing countries with a focus on entrepreneurship, free market economics and classical liberal philosophy.

Our signature program is Liberty Camps (aka Liberty English Camps, or Liberty Entrepreneurship Camps), where we offer a unique combination of

  • Exploration of classical liberal ideas (in philosophy, economics, ethics, entrepreneurship)
  • English conversation practice with native speakers
  • Workshops on how to apply these ideas to solving problems in daily life back home

With the mission of preparing individuals to develop the civil institutions of free societies, and working with its network of local partners, Language of Liberty Institute has reached over 3400 students from over 30 countries through the Liberty Camps and short seminars.

AIER, The Bastiat Society of Nepal

AIER’s Bastiat Society program in Nepal provides a platform for scholars and policy experts to share their insights and experiences with the general business community. Our events address sound economic principles, personal freedom, and opportunities created through markets.

Pokhara Research Centre

A research-based, non-partisan organization which focuses on socio-economic dimensions of domestic public policy research. 

The organization uses the international principle of individual choice and liberty translated into equal opportunity of enterprise, rule of law and the democratic principle of free expression as a tool to design its programs and initiatives.

In 2020, Pokhara Research Centre organized three programs with the Language of Liberty Institute — a Covid Aid Relief Program and Project Jonathan Gullible (free-market economics books for schools) and Liberty Camp – 2021


  • Gain  ideas on Liberalism, Entrepreneurship and Free-market Economy
  • Get to know the business scenario of Nepal
  • Build network  and work in teams 
  • Prepare a few potential students for Liberty camp which is going to be held in Nepal very soon in the second week of July.
  • Promote local partners, their projects, and local pools of talent.

Description of daily activities

Day 1

On the first day, all of the 25 participants along with our organizers entered the hall where the organizing team assigned the accommodation of all the participants. The program was hosted by Ms. Nisha Bharati (organizing team member) where she welcomed all the participants and introduced the motto of the Liberty Workshop.

First session of the liberty workshop started with the Human knot game about the liberating and dictatorship by Miss Baishali Bomjan. She states that extreme freedom is important. The paramount difference between freedom and liberalism is in liberalism you are free to do whatever you want to do, as long as you don’t impeach others’ freedom to do whatever they do. She also discussed the concept of liberalism, principles of Liberalism.

After that Mr. Sanjog Koirala talks about doing business in Nepal. Mr. Koirala is well-spoken about how can we generate business ideas, how can we discern whether our entrepreneurial ideas are feasible or not, how can we generate finance for our start-up venture as well as to manage finance to start a business in Nepal. It was a fruitful session on doing business in Nepal. In addition to this he also added how we can work on developing our personal brand building.

At the last session of the day, Mr. Dipendra Pahari took the floor to share his knowledge and ideas about social entrepreneurship. During his session he demonstrated that social entrepreneurship directly addresses society’s problems. It deals with identification of social problems as well as issues and coping with innovative ideas. It is done for social benefits. It is driven by passion, creativity, vision, brainstorming and so on.

Day 2

On the last day of the liberty workshop, the session started with the ideas of intellectual entrepreneurship by Mr. Sujan Regmi. He started his session with a short introduction about the Pokhara Research Center community(PRC). He later on explained  how PRC works as an intellectual enterprise. He stated that intellectual entrepreneurship is not all about making money i.e. profit. It’s about providing solutions and adding values.

After that Mr. Prawesh Gautam took his time to enlighten about the Free Market Economy and Private sector. He clearly explained about the concept of free market economy as well as giving beneficial information about whether the free market is effective or not.

Next Mr. Ritesh Thapa speaks about Techno liberalism. He beautifully explained how network technologies have ameliorated liberal view. He also talked about the fundamental philosophy of liberalism and its connection with technology, entrepreneurship and a laissez-faire economy.

Ms. Nisha Bharati hosted the certificate ceremony where all the participants received the certificate and shared their experiences during the liberty workshop.

At the end of the Workshop; Mr. Bishnu Hari Timilsina talked about the long term plan of Language of Liberty Institute, how it works and how it supports the new upcommers for their interesting ideas on entrepreneurship. Mr. Timilsina  gave the farewell speech to all the participants with the final grooming session of talent show where all the participants went to the stage and performed on the basis of their talent for a compulsory 3 minute each. 

At last, the team and all the participants celebrated the  success of the workshop and also announced the final dates for the flagship program of LLI i.e. Liberty Camp- 2022 happening in Nepal and India this July.

Overall impression

Liberty Workshop-2022, provided a friendly environment to all our participants and resource persons to share their experiences, knowledge and different stories. It became a wonderful platform for participants to explore themselves.

What we offered

To the business-minded students:

  • The moral foundation of capitalism and entrepreneurship, so they have the extra confidence and guidance for their efforts, and tools to defend themselves against the altruists /looters.

To the philosophically-minded students:

  • An appreciation of the economic relationship / dimension to philosophy; in both areas, humans act to improve their well-being, following the same (often subconscious) guidelines

To those in the middle:

  • An understanding of the inter-relationship of economics, philosophy, history, politics, and entrepreneurship and the principles that will help them choose or design the best program for their own life.

Liberty Workshop – 2022, Nepal from the perspective of Participants:

“One of the best experiences of my life was getting part of a Liberty Workshop which was held on 8th and 9th April 2022.The workshop was very fruitful and well managed. All the speakers were very fluent, well spoken and energetic with abundant information. I am pleased with their exertion and continuous endeavors towards us. The sessions were very stimulating and thought provoking. It provided me with new sets of insights into liberalism, entrepreneurship and the free market economy. Also It helped me to create bonding between various participants. Not only this, it helped me to know the difference between business and entrepreneurship and I realized what steps to be followed to be an entrepreneur.

I found the workshop to be very informative, constructive and just what I needed at this stage of my life. All the information given and shared was extremely helpful and has inspired and motivated me to move forward with some new ideas. As it was excellent, well structured and full of practical information, it was a truly valuable session for me. I was amazed by how well managed this workshop was. It gave me a clear, structured approach to liberalism, entrepreneurship and free market economy. I will be putting it into practice to facilitate business growth.

Anisha Regmi, LA Grandee International College, Pokhara

“First of all, I would like to thank the organizers of Liberty Workshop 2022. My Workshop days were more productive than I expected. I enjoyed the workshop in different ways and got to know more about different topics like entrepreneurship, liberalism and free market economy. Liberty Workshop has enlightened me about various ideas that might be very fruitful to shape myself into an eminent personality.  After attending the workshop successfully and when I returned back to my place I found something inside me was ‘more confidence than before and had more knowledge than before, because the content was extremely informative and incredibly useful.  

Organizers have done a wonderful job and I appreciate their efforts. I look forward to attending these kinds of programs again and again. Thank you !

Damodar Bhusal, Janapriya Multiple Campus, Pokhara