🔴 Hurry up! Liberty International World Conference Tbilisi 2022 is coming! HARRY BROWNE and LUDWIG VON MISES tickets are on sale until August 4! Join us in learning about how to expand freedom in the

Liberty International, along with the host – the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation – and the partner – the New Economic School – Georgia, invites you to its 36th Liberty International World Conference 🇬🇪 Tbilisi 2022, Republic of Georgia, from August 11-15.

With a guiding theme “How to Expand Freedom Throughout Your Lifetime”, we will build on 5️⃣ main pillars, each consisting of several sessions, presented by experts who have used and experimented with these tools themselves. 🔺Mental Freedom, 🔺Financial Freedom, 🔺Global Citizenship and 🔺Health Freedom. Meanwhile our fifth pillar – 🔺Liberty Around the World – will teach you more about the current liberty movement around the world, in a country chosen by our speakers.

🌐 Liberty International World Conferences are “family affairs” where the world’s most innovative libertarian minds connect and create lifelong friendships. It is the time when we draw from both our lectures and fruitful networking.