Liberty International is proud to partner with Cycle Freedom for Cycle Lithuania 2023: Freedom Entrepreneurial Camp, which will be held from August 27–31, 2023.

Liberty International, as a firm believer in individual freedom, invites aboard youth to participate in this ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’. This will help support young people in taking the next steps in their lives by providing them with a platform, helping them get educated about the entrepreneurial perspective, and providing them with distinctive practical knowledge and a design-thinking approach to life.

Throughout the camp, attendees will engage in group exercises where they will work to develop solutions for scaling existing startups or mature companies. Each group will be composed of individuals with active businesses, and will present their findings on the final day of the camp.

Don’t believe us, hear straight from our President Jacek Spendel.

What a fantastic Camp and collection of amazing individuals! The last few days were a blast. It gave me lots of thoughts/ideas on how I can improve my operations. But the most valuable are the new relationships! Big kudos to Vadim Fiddle for his hard work that resulted in Camp’s success“.

Come and share stories, get to know one another, and be a part of the entrepreneurial community driving global change.