by Kateryna Zinovska

As a migrant who has gone through the process of work migration to Canada, I am honored to share my experience with you. Migrating to Canada for work requires a lot of preparation, time, and money. However, it can be a great opportunity for those looking for a better future.

I migrated to Canada almost a year ago in April due to a job transfer from my employer’s branch to the Canadian branch. Canada is known for requiring good job skills, excellent English language proficiency, and an open mentality for successful integration. Fortunately, I found the migration process to be smooth and stress-free, but it may be challenging for others.

Being part of the International Work Migration Index project as an expert immigrant for Canada was an honor. The project was an excellent opportunity to share my experience and knowledge about the process of work migration to Canada. I am proud to have contributed to this project and to have helped people who are planning to migrate to Canada for work.

Canada is known for its immigrant-friendly policies, and there are plenty of opportunities for immigrants provided by the government. However, Canadian immigration is not easy, particularly compared to European countries like Poland and Ukraine. The process requires a lot of preparation for documents, especially for work migration. Additionally, Canadian employers must prove to the government that they were unsuccessful in hiring the right candidate inside Canada before hiring a foreign worker, which can take a long time and eventually may result in refusal.

Adjusting to Canadian workplace culture can be challenging for new work migrants. Canadian workplaces emphasize collaboration and teamwork, which may be challenging to adapt to for those coming from cultures that emphasize individual achievement. Additionally, there may be differences in workplace norms and expectations, such as dress codes, work hours, and communication styles. Establishing social connections can also be challenging, as building relationships takes time and effort.

In conclusion, work migration to Canada is a challenging process, but it is also a great opportunity for those looking for a better future. Canada is a beautiful country that offers excellent job opportunities and an excellent standard of living. If you are planning to migrate to Canada for work, it is essential to start preparing early and gather all the necessary documents. Cultural struggles are a common experience for new work migrants to Canada, but with time and effort, they can learn to navigate these challenges and build a successful and fulfilling life in their new temporary or even permanent home. I hope my experience and knowledge will help provide insights into the work migration process to Canada.