Liberty International, led by President Jacek Spendel, participated in the Weekend of Capitalism, Poland’s flagship libertarian event, from March 24-26, 2023. The event was a tremendous success with over 450 participants. The organization had a strong representation at the event and had a joint table with the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Sebastian Weglarz, Lead of the Outreach & Trainings Department, delivered a speech on the philosophy of hip-hop and its correlation with libertarian values. Additionally, Filip Roguszka represented the organization in the shark tank contest and secured second place. We also invited participants to attend the LIWC 2023 Madrid and Project Arizona 2023.

Weekend of Capitalism was not only a series of lectures, panels, and accompanying events but also included debates that garnered great interest from the audience. The event held numerous discussion panels with politicians, entrepreneurs, activists, and representatives of academic circles. Over 35 speakers were invited to participate in four discussion panels and over 30 lectures.

The event provided an opportunity not only for the exchange of views and experiences but also to establish valuable contacts and build inspiring relationships. Overall, the event was a resounding success for Liberty International and a testament to its commitment to promoting libertarian values around the world.