Liberty International Team had an amazing experience at the 20th European Resource Bank Meeting in Porto, Portugal, organized by the Austrian Economics Center and Instituto Mais Liberdade (+Liberdade), a Portuguese non-profit association founded in February 2020 by Carlos Guimarães Pinto, dedicated to promoting liberalism. Sebastian and Filip represented us in the Dragon Den’s contest and showcased their inventive ideas on promoting economic, political, and individual freedom. They also had the opportunity to connect with other pro-liberty individuals and organizations from all over Europe, including Glenn Cripe, President of the Language of the Liberty Institute.

The conference focused on finding solutions to the challenges faced by the average citizen due to the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and rising costs of living. It emphasized the importance of individual freedom and innovation to overcome these challenges and create a prosperous future for all. We’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this discussion and to learn from other experts in the field.

Overall, the 20th European Resource Bank Meeting was a great success, and we’re honored to have been a part of it. We’re looking forward to applying the knowledge and insights gained from this conference to our future work in promoting liberty and individual rights.