Language of Liberty Institute, with support from Liberty International, Creating Opportunity International, Ladies of Liberty Alliance, Students for Liberty, organized the Liberty Camp Nepal 2023 in Dhulikhel, Nepal. The camp aimed to educate and empower young individuals by introducing them to classical-liberal philosophy, free-market economics, and entrepreneurship. It provided participants with valuable tools to apply these ideas in their lives, while also enhancing their English communication skills. The camp spanned five days (May 5th – 9th) and included discussions, debates, workshops, and presentations.

The camp had several objectives, including:

  • Enhancing participants’ familiarity with classical liberal ideas.
  • Identifying potential liberty leaders and activists for follow-up training and mentorship.
  • Discovering promising entrepreneurs and their ideas.
  • Promoting local partners, their projects, and local talent pools.

Day 1: The camp started with a formal inauguration where participants and organizers were introduced. Glenn Cripe introduced the camp’s goals and the principles of classical liberal thoughts. The day concluded with dinner and social activities.
Day 2: The day began with discussions on the history of classical liberal thinking and the importance of individual contributions. Various speakers, including John Chisholm, Sobita Gautam, and Deependra Pahari, shared their experiences and insights. Participants also engaged in activities to identify their skills, technologies, assets, accomplishments, relationships, reputation, and strengths.
Day 3: The day focused on sessions about policy-making, economic freedom, and entrepreneurship. Speakers such as Ashesh Shrestha, Glenn Cripe, Bishnu Prasad Timilsina, and Sneha Jha highlighted the significance of effective policies, economic freedom, and entrepreneurship in fostering a prosperous society.
Day 4: Participants learned about scalability, fundraising, and the factors that determine a country’s economic status. Speakers like John Chisholm, Glenn Cripe, Basanta Adhikari, and Sujit Chaudhary shared their expertise in these areas.
Day 5: The final day included sessions on the decline of the USA’s economic freedom, the role of civil society, e-commerce, and elevator pitches by participants. Alumni shared their accomplishments, and a certification ceremony was held.

Liberty Camp Nepal 2023 provided participants with a nurturing and empowering environment to explore their potential, develop leadership skills, and gain knowledge about liberty, economics, government, and entrepreneurship. The comprehensive curriculum, interactive workshops, and supportive staff created a transformative experience. Participants formed lasting connections and left the camp equipped to advocate for liberty and make a positive impact in their communities. The camp was organized by a dedicated team led by Prawesh Gautam, with assistance from Amrit Timilsina, Ashmita Gautam, Nisha Bharati, Asish Chhetri, Bishnu Prasad Timilsina, and Subin Bhandari. Glenn Cripe, Executive Director of the Language of Liberty Institute, provided direct mentoring.

In conclusion, Liberty Camp Nepal 2023 was a successful event that provided participants with a platform to explore classical liberal ideas, develop leadership skills, and connect with like-minded individuals.