Are you young (university age), intellectually adventuresome, curious about classical liberal ideas, and want to explore them with 25-40 others in the beautiful mountains of Andalusia?  Join our Liberty Camp next month!

  • Learn the history and principles of classical liberal thought and the important individuals who shaped it.
  • Leave academia and explore real-life application of our theories for change.
  • Meet new mentors, partners, friends from various countries who share your passions.
  • Practice English conversation with native speakers in a relaxed, informal setting.


Our Liberty Camps (more than 85 since 2007 in 34 countries) offer a unique opportunity to students and aspiring entrepreneurs to learn these important ideas and tools in a fun and interactive way, during presentations, discussions, debates, workshops, and activities such as hikes, BBQ, campfires, swimming.

This unique and unforgettable program costs only €300 (includes 4-day program, 5 nights’ accommodation, meals, coffee breaks, and evening activities). If you register and pay before next Monday (June 10), we offer you the special early discounted price of only €100.  Go to our website now, and use the access code MALAGACAMP2024 (if asked).  You will also find photos and details of the teachers, daily program, accommodations, and more.


For example, we will challenge you to discuss together (in English)

  • How can you best develop your potential as a free-thinking, liberal individual?
  • What is the meaning of self-government and civil society?
  • Is it OK to make money? How much? In what way? Following which rules?
  • How much is OK? Who decides these questions? Why?
  • Where do you get your morality? Your values, ethics, personal guidelines.
  • What is the proper role of government in your life (if any)?
  • If you could design a better world, big or small, which rules would you follow? Which partners would you choose? Why? How?
  • Which tools can help you communicate effectively with your family and community?
  • Stories of heroes, freedom fighters.
  • Potential connections with your supporters around the world, for further study or travel or business development, or more.