April 9, 2019

Apply now for Freedom Week!

We're excited to announce that students can now apply for Freedom Week: an annual, one-week seminar in August on classical liberal and free market thinking, held by the Adam Smith Institute and the Institute of Economic Affairs, in the University of Cambridge.…
March 2, 2018

Cycle Lithuania 2018

"Life is sacrifice and risk taking, and nothing that doesn’t entail some moderate amount of the former, under the constraint of satisfying the latter, is close to what we can call life. If you do not undertake a risk of…
February 20, 2018

Lebanon 2017 Winter Program

By Ken Schoolland On December 15, Patrick Mardini, President of the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies (LIMS) hosted activists from 5 major political parties: the Future Movement Party, the Lebanese Forces Party, the Lebanese Kataeb Party, the Azm Movement, and…
April 4, 2017

Austin event a success!

Last month, Liberty International hosted a conference titled "Secrets to Preventing and Treating Disease in the Ever-Changing U.S. Health Care Landscape." The one-day conference was held in Austin, Texas, and featured John MacKey, Mary Ruwart, Sally Pipes, Naomi Lopez-Bauman, Kyle…
July 3, 2016

Cycle 16

JULY 4 – 8, 2016 We are pleased to announce that in addition to being free for all to participate in online via, this year’s CYCLE will be held live in Trakai Lithuania, July 4-9, 2016. The live sessions…
April 18, 2016

Morocco Conference May 25 to May 28

This message from Li Schoolland gives the latest information about the upcoming conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, which is organized by the Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies. The conference is not organized by Liberty International, but we fully…
January 11, 2016

Students For Liberty Nepal Report

Bibek Aryal recently shared this report from a monthly event called "Prospects with Professionals", a monthly program of Students For Liberty, Nepal. "Prospects with Professionals" is an hour and half long event, once in a month, where a entrepreneurs/social change…