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In the last three  years, Liberty International has globally impacted 3000+ freedom Champions  through dynamic training and outreach. Our unwavering commitment to financial, health, and emotional freedom, alongside promoting global citizenship by online courses is evident. Emphasizing critical thinking and effective communication, we foster free-market principles through Socratic Reading Circles. Project Arizona empowers outstanding students from challenged countries in championing free-market ideals and equal opportunity. Our World Conference stands as a beacon of intellectual enlightenment and unity fostering networks worldwide.


As we strive to Find and Expand Freedom in an Unfree World, your support remains crucial. Join us in creating a freer, more peaceful, and prosperous world. Together, we can make a lasting impact.


Your donations to LI are tax-deductible in the USA – if you itemize your donations. Our legal name for IRS reporting is: International Society for Individual Liberty, Inc.  EIN: 54-1512492

Together we can expand freedom in an unfree world!

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