Welcome to this Year's Liberty Award

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of this year’s Liberty awards. For the first time in our history, we are recognizing three exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to the cause of liberty. These awards honor their dedication, leadership, and lifelong commitment to promoting freedom and empowering communities around the world. Join us in celebrating the achievements of our awardees and their unwavering efforts to advance the ideals of liberty. The awards would be handed out at this year's Liberty International World Conference in Texas, USA.


Last Year's Winner

At LIWC 2023, the Liberty Award was given to Syed Kamall, an esteemed advocate for liberty and former Member of the European Parliament, honored for his significant contributions to advancing freedom and individual rights. Throughout his career, Kamall has been a staunch supporter of free markets and personal liberty, making a profound impact on the global liberty movement.

Unveiling This Year's Awardees

Historically, LIWC has awarded a single honor to individuals making exceptional contributions to the cause of liberty. This year, for the first time, we are excited to present two distinct awards: the Freedom Torch Award and the Lifetime Libertarian Award. These awards recognize the diverse ways in which individuals are advancing the ideals of freedom and empowerment.

I’m so honored to be awarded at the World Conference in Grapevine, Texas this November. While I’m not able to accept this award in person, I hope that you can make this special event. Gatherings like the World Conference help to keep the spirit of Liberty alive. Please don’t miss it!

Ron Paul

Awardee, Lifetime Libertarian Award 2024

Tom G. Palmer

Awardee, Freedom Torch Award 2024

The Freedom Torch Award recognizes exceptional dedication to promoting liberty through education and activism. This award celebrates those who have significantly advanced the ideals of freedom.

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