Future Liberty Leaders Scholarship

Liberty International is proud to announce the Future Liberty Leaders Scholarship, offering exceptional students and young adults aged 18-29 the opportunity to attend the prestigious LIWC 2024 conference in Texas next November. This scholarship recognizes and invests in the next generation of passionate individuals dedicated to advancing individual liberty, economic freedom, and global progress.

Fund a Future Liberty Leader

Empower students worldwide! Fund a scholarship for Liberty International World Conference 2024. Give underprivileged students a chance to network, gain insights, and build crucial skills. Break down barriers—your support makes a lasting impact. Join us in creating opportunities. Thank you for your generosity!

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Apply for a scholarship to Liberty International's empowering conference. Network with experienced thinkers and like-minded peers. Secure your spot now!

Please note that the scholarship covers the event ticket only. Recipients are responsible for any additional expenses. Consider visa requirements and apply accordingly. Selected scholars must also pay a refundable $50 reservation fee. Join us on the path to leadership!

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