Welcome to Liberty Camp – the oldest, continuously operating summer seminar for liberty-minded individuals from around the world.

Whether you want to network with libertarian VIPs, listen to inspiring lectures, meet new friends or simply take a rest, our camps are designed for you.

Liberty Camps are organized every year in different parts of the world, attracting people interested in spreading or exploring the idea of liberty. During our Liberty Camp in Italy we will discuss issues such as freedom of trade and doing business, personal liberty, minimal government, entrepreneurship and responsibility.

New to the idea of liberty? Not a problem! At Liberty Camp, we don’t require having read all the works of Hayek, Mises or Rothbard. Your will to learn is enough! Apply now and get ready to start your journey with freedom!

On the other hand, if you are a true old-timer and a libertarian know-it-all, Liberty Camp Italy is for you as well! We need libertarian veterans like you to introduce new freedom-fighters to the movement by sharing your experience and inspiration!.

The program of the Liberty Camp is not only about lectures – not at all! We want our participants to engage as much as possible in debates, panels and public speaking exercises, so they level up not only on theoretical, but also practical level.

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Inspirational networking and training organized in beautiful spots around the globe.

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