Liberty International World Conference in Puerto Rico, August 8 – 12

Join us for the 34th World Conference of

Liberty International

How to Find Freedom In Our Fast-Changing World

Puerto Rico

August 8 – 12

Come join with Liberty International friends, and combine your conference experience with a vacation getaway in beautiful Puerto Rico!

Our World Conference will give you the opportunity to meet fellow liberty-lovers from around the world, make new friends, enjoy intellectual stimulation from many of the world’s top international speakers, and do it all in a relaxed family re-union atmosphere. Many past participants have called their LI World Conference experience “the event of a lifetime.” A powerful international speaker lineup is being assembled.

Confirmed speakers so far are:

Dr. Mary Ruwart  – health-care expert and author of the superb libertarian primer Healing Our World: The Compassion of Libertarianism (just out in updated fourth edition).

She will speak on the FDA and update you on the latest health care “secrets,” including tests to detect cancer before a mammogram or other imaging can.

Ken Schoolland – former economist with the International Trade Commission, and author of the award-winning fable The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, which has been published in 53 languages!

He will speak on the Jones Act, which greatly raises shipping costs in the outlying US states and territories, including Puerto Rico.

Li Zhao Schoolland – Director of External Relations—Asia Pacific for the Acton Institute and the Founder of TFT Events. She is an independent educator, writer, translator, and event organizer. Mrs. Schoolland survived 26 years through the horrors of Mao’s regime in China. This motivated her to a lifetime of promoting freedom and liberty globally. She arranges translation and publication of libertarian literature in China and coaches parents in raising liberty-minded youth.

Lobo Tiggre – globetrotting senior editor for Casey Research, who now lives in Puerto Rico because of the island’s many new tax advantages, which he will explain.


Gabriel Calzada Alvarez – President, Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala City. Vice President, Association of Private Enterprise Education. Founder and President, Center for Economic and Political Studies. Instituto Juan de Mariana, a libertarian think tank based in Spain.

Per Bylund 
Per Bylund is assistant professor in entrepreneurship and Records-Johnston Professor of Free Enterprise in the School of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. He is the author of two books, The Problem of Production: A New Theory of the Firm and The Seen, the Unseen, and the Unrealized: How Regulations Affect Our Everyday Lives. He is also an Associated Scholar with the Mises Institute as well as senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises-institutet i Sverige in Sweden.

Dr. Hiroshi Yoshida
– Hiroshi Yoshida is an award-winning Certified Public Accountant and Licensed Tax Accountant with a Ph.D. in Policy Studies from Chiba University. He is the President of The Institute of Public Sector Accounting and of The Free Economy Institute in Japan.


Dr. David Vequist 
will be sharing the exciting news about how the marketplace and medical tourism is revolutionizing healthcare in spite of the regulatory attempts to fit us all into one-size-fits all medicine. Corporate programs for employees are being reworked to improve quality and reduce costs. These innovative solutions showcase the possibilities for the future!

Dr. Kyle Varner 
will share his experiences and tips for finding quality medical care outside of the United States, where it can be had for a fraction of the U.S. cost. “Medical tourism” is on the rise, because many cutting edge procedures are ONLY available offshore. Learn how you can get the best medical care that the world has to offer, instead of limiting yourself only to what the FDA and other government agencies approve.


Other subjects will be:

  • Tax-reduction and privacy enhancements elsewhere in the world
  • The future of Cuba, Venezuela and the Caribbean region
  • Impact of Trump administration policies on Latin America
  • Free-market solutions to the Puerto Rican economic crisis

The conference site is the Fajardo Inn, located in Fajardo, a little east of San Juan and near the ocean.   Tel: +787-860-6000 ext. 0.

There are two restaurants, bars, two big pools, lush tropical gardens, tennis courts, mini-golf, fitness, salon and more!

An optional three-days of post-conference excursions are being planned for such sites as Old San Juan, the rain forest, and nearby beaches and diving opportunities.  Lots more details coming soon!

Super Early Bird: Opening reception (evening August 8th), all meals including gala banquet on night of August 11th & program—just $599 (until May 31st). 

Post-Conference Tour:  $50 deposit.  Will finalize details and pricing soon. Register now to help our planning.

Conference discount on hotel: $65/person/night/shared/2 queen beds,  $118/night/one queen bed for singles or friendly couples. Taxes are included in these rates. This conference discount is also good for nights before and after the conference. Please make your own reservations.  Our discount code is Liberty17.

To get updates and register for the conference and tour:  Contact LI at 415-859-5174.  E-mail:  Website: