Migration Control: That Peculiar Institution

This talk was presented by our Vice President, Professor Ken Schoolland on 16th August, 2023 at the Liberty International World Conference Madrid. In this talk, Professor Schoolland explored the evolving nature of migration control, drawing connections between historical struggles, ethical…
Chike Ibewuike
October 24, 2023

Liberty International Annual Report 2022

We are excited to present the Liberty International Annual Report 2022, highlighting the remarkable accomplishments and impactful work carried out throughout the year. Here are some key highlights: LIWC 2022: The event gathered 90 participants from 19 countries, with 50…
Sebastian Weglarz
June 13, 2023

We present our 2021 Annual Report

We are pleased to once again update you on our organization's successes and progress on the front lines of the fight for freedom. The past year and its characteristics have taught us that every unusual situation should be treated as…
May 10, 2022
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[LIVE STREAM] What is the libertarian response to 🇷🇺Russian invasion in 🇺🇦Ukraine❓

Why are some people confused about the war in Ukraine? Join us live to watch a discussion between well traveled libertarians. Jacek Spendel (🇵🇱Poland), Federico Fernandez (🇦🇷Argentina), Nataliya Melnyk (🇺🇦Ukraine), Ilya Fomin (🇷🇺Russia), Agnieszka I. Płonka (🇵🇱Poland), Andreas Jürgens (🇩🇪Germany)…
Sebastian Weglarz
March 30, 2022

The Market for the Market

Thibault Serlet is the Director of Research at the Adrianople Group, a business intelligence firm thatfocuses on Special Economic Zones and master planned cities. He is also the architect of Open ZoneMap, the world's largest SEZ dataset. He advises for…
February 9, 2022

The pain of Living in Venezuela

Venezuela is going through one of the toughest moments in its history as a result of a severe humanitarian crisis caused by the ravages of the socialist dictatorship. Throughout this process, millions had to flee their land to seek medical…
October 18, 2021

LIWC in Medellín, Colombia

Justyna Piatek Hola! Our team has just come back from Colombia. The city of eternal spring, Medellín, was the home of the Liberty International World Conference for 4 days – from August 12 to 15.  Liberty International and the host…
August 30, 2021

The Cost of Xenophobia

By Nicolai Heering In the afternoon of 28th March 1997, the Albanian motorboat Kateri i Radës sailed towards Italy with some 142 people on board. They were all desperately trying to escape the political and economic mayhem in their home…
February 12, 2021

Important New Book Available Through LI!

How to save 30% to 90% on your health care Our team at Liberty International has just completed an exciting and unique new book: Affordable Health Care for All: How to save 30% to 90% on Medical Care and still…
July 29, 2020

October Update from LI Board Members

Dr. Kyle Varner Last month I joined Language of Liberty Institute as a faculty member at a Liberty Camp in the Amalfi Coast of Italy.  I gave talks to the students about the specific ways that socialism destroyed the economy…
November 17, 2019

Mary Ruwart's 70th Birthday!

By Mary Ruwart Click here to donate! My 70th birthday is October 16th. As I look back on my life, I feel so blessed to have had your support all of these years. This year, for my birthday, I’d like…
October 10, 2019

Being a nomad, or how freedom tastes

By Daniel Nogal* Saigon. Six in the morning. I get off the night train. I came from Phan Rang, where I admired the Hindu temple of Chams. Everything I travel with fits in my backpack, so I run away from…
October 9, 2019

#TaxationIsTheft in Mumbai

By Jaimine Bezboznik I got to know about libertarianism on facebook (aka fascistbook). Yes, that's the power of social media. I was introduced to this ideology in 2010. I followed blogs on Mises inst. and Ron Paul's speeches since then. I was a…
July 9, 2018

How the government broke my digital camera

Once upon a time, the government decided break my digital camera. Like the mean kid who throws your favorite toy down the stairs, the government succeeded in making all DSLR cameras worse for no reason. The consequence is that today,…
January 13, 2017

Is climate change really that scary?

According to SkepticalScience, “rising sea levels are widely considered to be the greatest threat posed by climate change.”   For the purposes of this argument, we will ignore any kind of disagreement within the scientific community about other causes, or the…
December 13, 2016

Animation – How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis

The following animation was made by Tomasz Kaye. Consider donating to his Patreon account here. Message from the author: Roderick T. Long’s essay, on which it’s based, tells a story very few know. I appreciate its challenge to the…
October 24, 2016

Entrepreneurial Communities

Is a mall a community? Yes, argues Spencer H. MacCullum, an American anthropologist, business consultant and author. "The first, what you might call entrepreneurial community, was the hotel," said Spencer. He gave the example of the Tremont House in Boston in the…
April 18, 2016

2015 Activity Report

2015 Activity Report International Society for Individual Liberty President Ken Schoolland The Asia Liberty Forum: Advancing Liberty & Markets in Asia, was attended by more than 200 members of Students for Liberty and a multitude of Asian think tanks. It…
January 11, 2016

A Peek Inside China

  A Peek Inside China by Louis James   Seahorses in my soup . . . I didn't have the heart to eat them.      Yes, they do eat bugs in China – and just about everything else that grows and…
October 14, 2008